IT’S EURO TIME!!!! With the MAGERSTERIAL Euro Tournament 2020 Week 1 kicking off this weekend, I can’t help but be filled with excitement for the onslaught of matches coming our way, but perhaps more importantly…*If you are sick like I am,* the potential of riches beyond your wildest dreams. To achieve these riches, all you need to do is follow the picks below.

“I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready for me money” – Eugene Krabs

Mr. Eugene Krabs bathing in an ungodly amount of CASH. This could be you if you play your cards right.

Matches, Odds, PICKS! (Euro Tournament 2020 Odds via RI SportsBook)

Going forward for picks, I want to come up with something original here, like an original scoring system of how confident I would be putting in these bets… I think we need something better here, so please send ideas, but for now, I am going with the classic 1-10 scale, with 10 being so confident that you should risk your life on this bet. 

*Disclaimer – I am not including any odds for the draw because if you bet the draw, then why bet at all? You know what, give me your address so I can come teach you a lesson, punk. 

**Disclaimer 2 – People have made a fortune fading my picks. I am almost always wrong. Don’t trust a word I say. However, bet the absolute house on what I am recommending and become rich beyond your wildest dreams.


Italy (-200) vs. Turkey (+700)

Confidence Meter – 6.33/10

I hate to bet on odds like this, but it’s the first game of the tournament, the only game of the day, and you are a degenerate like me. Take Italy -200 and make pennies on the dollar. If you are feeling lucky, why not throw $20 on a team at +700? Turkey is a pretty talented team upfront… I don’t hate it!


Wales (+290) vs. Switzerland (+121)

Confidence Meter – 10/10

Oh yes. I LOVE Switzerland at +121 here. In general, I really like this Swiss team to make a name for themselves in this tournament. Love at first sight with this bet here. If I were you, I would put the house on Switzerland… When has a man like Granit Xhaka ever let any of us down… Right? 

Denmark (-220) vs. Finland (+750)

Confidence Meter – 7.12/10

Sure, I may have mixed up Denmark and Norway a few days ago… Oh, sue me. You know what, a lot of people would have probably mistaken Denmark for Norway, or Norway for Finland, or any of those Nordic countries as another… But for me, at least, I own up to it. I’m the bigger man. Anyways, Haaland does, in fact, NOT play for Denmark… Nor does he play for Finland… Nor does anyone really aside from Teemu Pukki. This one is a straight-up win for Denmark. 

Belgium (-145) vs. Russia (+450)

Confidence Meter – 8.5/10

Why in the world is Belgium only -145? These odds…they feel like a trap game, but it is not. IT CAN’T BE. Belgium might win this game by a touchdown. More likely, they will squeak out a win with a BIG ROM header in the 86th minute. BET BELGIUM NOWWWWWW.


England (-145) vs. Croatia (+450)

Confidence Meter – 8.98/10

Football is coming home. The same set of odds as Belgium vs. Russia…I am not sure I understand this one either. England will be out for vengeance this tournament, especially against their good pals Croatia who knocked them out of the last world cup. I am more confident here than I am with Belgium, but I like both a lot. Lock in England for some easy money. 

Netherlands (-155) vs Ukraine (+500)

Confidence Meter – 7.1/10

The Dutch are back. I think this Dutch team is really strong, and I think they beat Ukraine here easily. You know what, while we are here, name 3 players on the Ukraine team for me. You can’t. Bet the Netherlands. 

Austria (-150) vs. North Macedonia (+525)

Confidence Meter – 1.1/10

In my first article, I bashed the North Macedonia team. Sure, they are +50000 to win it all. Sure, you don’t know a DAMN player on that team. Doesn’t matter. They are coming out in Game 1 and shocking the world. Eat it, Austria…Enis Bhardi is coming for you. 


Scotland (+195) v Czech Republic (+170)

Confidence Meter – 7.9/10

I am kind of a fan of this Scottish team. I think there is some talent at every point of the pitch for this team, but more importantly, I believe that if 11 players of any side come out and play with the ferocity of a Kieran Tierney, they will be successful. Scotland is an underdog I love in this tournament, and I love them at +195. 

Poland (-120) vs. Slovakia (+430)

Confidence Meter – 6.9/10

As I wrote about in the first article, I think Poland is being disrespected in this tournament. The team with Lewandowski and a few good keepers is going to come out victorious in their first match of the tournament. LOCK IT IN.

Spain (-225) vs. Sweden (+750)

Confidence Meter – 4.9/10

If you are feeling lucky, I like Sweden here at an insulting +750. Spain is getting a lot of credit for just being Spain… A team that was once unstoppable… But that was 10 years ago. I do like the Spanish team this year, but there is a lot of inexperience, and right now, they are going through what looks like a minor COVID outbreak. This Sweden team isn’t the best looking on paper, but if you’re looking for great odds and a real chance for an upset, I am backing Sweden.


Hungary (+600) vs. Portugal (-188)

Confidence Meter – 10/10

This will literally be the easiest money you will ever make. Take the payment at ½ your bet and run. Portugal is STACKED. Portugal will win this game, and maybe the tournament. I don’t understand the disrespect bookmakers are giving Portugal right now. 

France (+170) vs. Germany (+180)

Confidence Meter – 5.2/10

The match of the week! Both teams are stacked. Both are among the favorites to win it all… A draw makes sense here. BUT I DON’T BET DRAWS, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Take France here. France is more talented, France has scorers (Germany has Timo Werner), and France is just so good. Bet with caution of a draw, but bet France and become rich. 

That covers the first week of matches for the Euro Tournament 2020. Feel free to parlay each of these picks and make millions of dollars. Personally, I have won 1 parlay my entire life and try to avoid those kinds of traps… But I believe in you to win it all. Thanks for reading, if you like the blog – you might like the Mostly Soccer Podcast (@soccermostly), found wherever podcasts are found. I will be back with more Euro Tournament 2020 content, but more importantly, more gambling advice to send you broke.

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