Me after betting the first week of the Euro.

Euro 2020 Week 2 Best Bets

First and foremost, let’s thank goodness, god, the medical staff, and Christian Eriksen’s heart for pulling through after an absolutely horrific incident in Denmark’s first match of the Euro. The sporting world narrowly avoided catastrophe this past week. Keep Christian Eriksen and his family in your thoughts.  

On a lighter note, what a week, what a week! Coming out of the first week of the Euro, we have seen some wonderful matches, drama, goals, and of course, we have won some MONEY!! 

If you have been following my picks from my last article as gospel (as you should), then you would have gone 5-6 last week. We are in the red for picks. HOWEVER, the bets I have actually put in have for the most part been winners. With this information in mind, I have come to the conclusion that the confidence meter used in the last article is misleading….thus, I have come up with a simpler system:

1. Bet it.

2. Bet with caution.

3. You shouldn’t bet this, but money is just green paper with no real meaning anyway, right. Plus, we’re all going to die anyways…so just do it. 

With the new system in mind, let’s get to it. BEST BETS FOR WEEK 2 HERE WE GO!


Denmark (+310) vs. Belgium (+103)

Confidence Meter: Bet it. No, bet everything you own on this.

Belgium is strong. Belgium is very, very strong. Behind France, I think Belgium is the best team in the tournament. Although Belgium was not really tested in their first match against Russia, I think we learned a lot about this team… and the fact is that they are scary. I think the biggest asset to Belgium (and the big piece missing for most other teams) is that they have a certified BAMF goal-scoring machine in Romelu Lukaku. I have so much faith in Big Rom and that supporting cast, I have Belgium winning almost any match they play.  

Ukraine (-135) vs. North Macedonia (+420)

Confidence Meter: Bet with caution.

I don’t know what to think here…I just think North Macedonia isn’t really good. I am happy for them, they got their goal vs Austria, then were promptly hammered 3-1. Ukraine on the other hand made a comeback from 2-0 down against a strong Dutch team…only to lose it at the end. If I had to pick, Ukraine has a more solid team with some goal scorers, go Ukraine. 

Netherlands (-135) vs. Austria (+500)

Confidence Meter: Bet with caution…but bet the Dutch.

Both teams looked solid in their first matches, but nothing really too convincing. I like the Dutch, but they took 5-10 years off of my life giving up that 2-0 lead last week to the Ukraine. I am going to bet the Dutch here, solely because I think they are the more talented team. Austria did impress in their first match though…proceed with caution…but bet the Dutch.


England (-310) vs. Scotland (+1000)

Confidence Meter: Bet it…for pennies on the dollar?

England will win…but is it even worth picking England to win at -310? I don’t think it is. Scotland really did not impress me in their first match, and I think they are going to continue to struggle scoring goals. I think Scotland give England a tougher match here than they gave the Czech, but England isn’t losing to this team. 

Croatia (+116) vs. Czech Republic (+255)

Confidence Meter: Bet it.

After beating a Scottish team who couldn’t get out of their own way, I think the Czech’s are getting a little too much credit. I also want to say that Croatia did not look too bad against England. At positive odds, I really like Croatia to get a win. I also think it matters that Croatia really needs to win here to have any hopes of staying in the tournament. Let’s hope Luka Modric can summon some of his 2018 World Cup magic for us. 

Sweden (-117) vs. Slovakia (+390)

Confidence Meter: Bet with caution

I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. Sweden did exactly what they set out to do against Spain and ended up with a draw. However, Sweden had some golden chances to pull ahead in this match through their shining star Isak. I think Sweden is good enough to come away with a win here, but Slovakia is no pushover. Slovakia (shockingly to me) are not a bad side, and look like they have the ability to score…I am worried that they could pull off another upset here. I wouldn’t touch this game…but if you do, godspeed!

Portugal (+220) vs. Germany (+130) 

Confidence Meter: Bet with caution.

Portugal is stacked, Germany is stacked…there is no right answer here. If I had to pick one, I would pick Portugal, only for the fact that they have better goal scorers than Germany. Also, I do think Germany can be beaten with pace (as France showed us). Aside from that, I was disappointed with how the Portuguese team needed 85 minutes to break down Hungary…a 3-0 finish in that one felt misleading. On the other hand, I thought Germany was very impressive in their 1-0 loss to France. I think Germany might be the winner here, but for +220 how are you going to bet against Ronaldo and that collection of superstars Portugal has? 

Hungary (+1000) vs. France (-300)

Confidence Meter: Bet it.

I don’t even need to waste anyone’s time here. France win easily. France are still the best team in the world, with quite possibly the best player (or at least the most terrifying) in the world in Mbappe. France win by a touchdown. 

Spain (-265) vs. Poland (+800)

Confidence Meter: Bet it.

Cards on the table, Poland is the worst team competing in Euro 2020 at the moment. Poland has 0 creativity, 0 plan, and does absolutely nothing right. Poor Robert Lewandowski. Spain on the other hand is stacked, passes the ball like prime Barcelona, but cannot score. The irony…if Spain had a striker half as talented as Lewandowski they would be the favorites to win it all. Either way, Spain is the bet here. Spain will break the scoring deadlock, and they will do it in fashion against a horrific Poland side. Easy win for Spain.


Switzerland (-124) vs. Turkey (+350)

Confidence Meter: Bet it.

Switzerland is a talented side, and by this time next week, I think they will be fighting for their lives in the tournament. Turkey has shown that they are incapable of scoring, and will lose this match, ultimately leaving the tournament without a victory or goal. 

Italy (-200) vs. Wales (+750)

Confidence Meter: Bet it.

The only reason I think this could happen in favor of Wales would be because Italy will have already advanced and may rest player. On the other hand, Wales will need a result to advance. Italy is better, Italy looks dominant, Italy will win.

As always, bet at your own risk, but just know that I have given you the key to riches here! 

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