ESPN Manning Broadcast
Monday Night Football With Peyton and Eli on ESPN+ (ESPN)

The ESPN Manning Broadcast Is The Greatest Show On Earth

ESPN has honestly been a laughing stock the past few years. From a massive controversy with Rachel Nichols to having terrible personalities with horrible takes like Max Kellerman, ESPN looked like it was going to explode from the inside. But every now and again, someone inside ESPN hatches a good idea. The ESPN Manning Boradcast is the best idea ESPN has had in a long time.

I honestly had a good feeling about this when I first heard about it. Peyton and Eli Manning have always had funny personalities on their own. Put them together to commentate a broadcast? Now THAT is a million dollar idea. And for it to be an ESPN+ exclusive? An even better idea. The chemistry between the two is obviously amazing and the way both Mannings get into the game is great.

It isn’t just the Manning brothers on the broadcast. Charles Barkley, Travis Kelce and Russell Wilson also joined in to provide their two cents to what was happening in the game. Chuck is always funny. Kelce and Wilson provided great football analysis and brought something unique to football comentary that I have never seen. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen two NFL players outside of a playoff/championship scenario commentate on what other players are doing. I love it.

While the Mannings have reached a level of fame that I could only dream of, the vibe of the show was just two dudes who love football doing just that. Obviously they have more knowledge of football than I have in one finger, but the chill environment and Eli’s fire alarm going off gave off the feal that I was watching the game with friends.

The ESPN Manning Broadcast was absolutly a success and is the best idea ESPN has had in a while. Peyton and Eli might one day take the crown of the best commentating duo once they really get their feet under them later in the season. Give me this every Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

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