English players are not that smart
Mason Greenwood (pictured) and Phil Foden break coronavirus protocol with England team. Invite girls back to hotel room, proving they’re not that smart. Photo by Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images

You’re a young rising Premier League star who got called up to represent your national team. All you’ve got to do during these unprecedented times is not do anything stupid. Go, play the games, bond with the team, and give the manager a decision to make for the next international games. This is yet another reason why English players are not that smart. Enter Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood.

Both deserved the call up based on their performances for Manchester City and Manchester United, respectively. Foden is seen as the heir to the David Silva throne after the Spaniard left to join Real Sociedad after a decade at the club. If not for Foden’s recent performances, the loss would be massive.

As for Mason Greenwood, he’s the reason if you are Manchester United, you DO NOT overpay for Jadon Sancho. Ten goals in 31 games (only 12 of which he started) and a goal ratio of 0.68 every ninety minutes is in line with Sancho without playing nearly as frequently. If Sancho came in, you are possibly hindering Greenwood’s progress, which doesn’t make sense for United when they can spend the money bolstering elsewhere.

The skill and potential are there. Apparently, the brain cells aren’t though. Both players were sent home from England’s Nation’s League camp after breaking the COVID-19 protocol in Iceland by bringing girls back to their hotel rooms. Manager Gareth Southgate immediately sent them home.

“The two boys are going to find themselves in a position where there will be lots of judgment of them from afar. They understand they have got this wrong.”

Southgate told the media

But before you think I’m being harsh here’s a list from this year of other incidents.

Kyle Walker broke lockdown protocol earlier in the year to see his family and also host a sex party. The police charged jack Grealish after crashing his car during lockdown after attending a friend’s house. Harry Maguire was convicted of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and attempted bribery after a brawl with police on the Greek island of Mykonos. And lastly, Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez got into a fight in the canteen after bad blood from Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Man City continued.

It’s a well-known fact English fans aren’t that bright as a quick look at some 1980’s footage shows idiotic behavior. Even more recently, you have the racist actions aimed at players as a show that the idiots remain. But now it’s time to realize it’s not just the English fans who are brain dead. English players are not that smart either. Sure we all make mistakes, but we don’t get paid ridiculous amounts not to do so. Bravo lads.

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