The Godfather Video Game
EA or any company for that matter needs to bring back The Godfather video game. It should go down as one of the best video games ever. (The Godfather Game Screenshot)

EA Needs To Bring Back The Godfather Video Game

Jackson Law has been killing the game reviving the YouTube and Twitch channels at the company. As soon as Kriegs Korner gets down here and sets me up, I’m going to be doing some old school gaming until I actually get my PS5. One of the games I plan on going through again is the Godfather. This is my blog begging EA or any company for that matter to bring back The Godfather video game.

If EA can bring back the college football game, they can find a way to bring this puppy back. For those who have never played The Godfather, I highly recommend it. The Godfather is my favorite movie but I actually played the video game first to understand the backstory. One of these days when my reading comprehension level advances past the fifth grade, I’ll try to actually finish the book.

The game was awesome. It’s essentially Grand Theft Auto except Godfather. You essentially insert yourself into the Corleone family and work your way up the ranks. For those who have been hesitant for watching an old movie, the second you start playing the video game, you won’t be able to get enough Godfather content.

The first video game is one of the all-time greats. I don’t care what anybody says. We just need a revamped version. The game came out in 2006. The missions are awesome but imagine what this game could do on the next gen consoles. My goodness.

We need to bring The Godfather game back. We need a new version with all the same missions but an extended version. In the meantime, I’m planning on doing a series once my video game set up is on point. Get ready.