Russell Westbrook
Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook were voted the most overrated players by their peers (Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

The Athletic published a piece on the 2019 NBA players poll. Players across the league voted on various topics anonymously. One of the topics I found fascinating. Nobody reads the Athletic so I won’t bother crediting the link. Who the f*ck pays for that? Instead, I’ll just share the screenshot. Russell Westbrook and Draymond Green were voted as the most overrated players.

Russell Westbrook

I have to agree. The players are smarter than they appear. I’ve been trying to tell you for years that Russell Westbrook is a cancer. There’s a reason why he can’t win a playoff series even with Paul George. Cancer city. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with the Draymond one but I won’t argue it. He’s riding off the coat tails of the rest of the Warriors but at least he’s a good glue guy. Can’t say the same for Westbrook. Now Russ is just a total detriment to winning. 42 percent will be written on his tombstone.

Can we make a deal? If Westbrook doesn’t win a first round series again this year, can people just acknowledge that he’s a ball hog? That’s all I’m asking. No more excuses. Keep bragging about his Triple Doubles. They mean nothing.

73 percent of players also voted for Michael Jordan as the GOAT. 12 percent went to LeBron James and just 1 percent to Kevin Durant. The lack of disrespect towards KD continues to boggle my mind. KD is not only the most efficient player in the league. He also is on the verge of a 3rd straight Finals MVP while LeBron is on the couch. We need the fans and players of the NBA community to wise up on this one. We don’t punish LeBron for losing the first 7 years in Cleveland. We shouldn’t punish Durant for leaving that cancer Westbrook.