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Draft Day

Draft Day Is One Of The Worst Movies Ever Created

Draft Day
The movie Draft Day is one of the worst movies ever created. It’s a slap in the face to every real NFL Draft fan across the country. (DALE ROBINETTE)

Draft Day Is One Of The Worst Movies Ever Created

If you like the movie Draft Day, it’s because you have no real understanding for how the actual draft works. It is not up for discussion. It will not be debated. There is no room for interpretation. Draft Day is one of the worst movies ever created and it’s just one giant slap in the face to anyone that actually watches the draft.

Again, there is no debating this. It’s not even a topic for discussion. It’s kinda like how we know it’s not okay to randomly murder people on the street. If you think Draft Day is a good movie, it’s probably because you have a low IQ. That’s really all there is to it.

Long story short; the premise of the story goes like this. The Browns general manager played by Kevin Costner trades a bunch of picks to move up in the draft for quarterback Bo Callahan. Turns out, Callahan is a shit head but they already knew that before trading for him. Costner changes his mind last minute and takes a middle linebacker that would have been there with his original pick.

The Browns somehow also have another top ten pick. The quarterback slides down the board. Costner makes another unrealistic trade with a first year general manager. Coster then decides to take a running back with his other top 10 pick while failing to acquire a real quarterback. Costner is then revered as a hero because he took a running back in the top ten and still failed to find the Browns a franchise quarterback.

I don’t need to go any more detail. If you don’t get it by now, you’re a lost cause and should be shipped to Mars and never seen by humans again. If any of this happened in real life, Coster would have been fired within five minutes and been forced to evacuate the premises immediately.

The movie sucks. It’s unrealistic. It makes no sense. The trades that are made are bat shit and wouldn’t even be accepted on Madden with the trade logic turned off. Jennifer Gardner is really the only positive about the movie. She works it but that’s just not enough. This movie needs to be destroyed from the records of human history.

The NFL Draft is arguably the best day of the year and the movie Draft Day only disrespects this great day that should be considered a national holiday.



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