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Sean Allen

Does ESPN Even Value Sean Allen?

Sean Allen
Does ESPN even value fantasy hockey writer Sean Allen? Their actions appear to indicate he’s far from a priority.

Does ESPN Even Value Sean Allen?

I’m sorry if you don’t care enough about fantasy hockey or hockey in general to get invested in the war with Sean Allen. I’m also not sorry because I’m sure he is being paid handsomely by “the world wide leader in sports” and couldn’t be more clueless or tone-deaf.

I just fear I may have been picking on the wrong guy. Or shall I rephrase; pick on someone your own size! Maybe ESPN doesn’t value Sean Allen. Have you seen his Twitter account? It’s literally a black hole of nothing since 2019. He’s not even trying to promote his work. Forget about promoting his work. He’s just totally off the grid, which is fine, but not for someone whose primary job is media. Do you think more people would read his work as an ESPN writer if he was at least alive on social media?

If anything, doesn’t Allen sound like one of those quiet quitters on Tik Tok? He’s just mad he got exposed for packing it in. I have no idea how Allen got his job but at this point, I’m not ruling out him being one of the cafeteria workers in the Bristol Connecticut ESPN headquarters but now it’s too late to fire him because he’s grandfathered in and they aren’t willing to search hard enough to find a better hockey writer.

I found something interesting today. The ESPN hockey team of writers includes Sean Allen, Victoria Matiash, and Greg Wynshynski. Guess what happened today? Wynshynski started doing fantasy hockey blogs. Better yet, they are behind a paywall. You have to pay to read Wynshynski. Sean Allen’s blogs? Oh, they’re free to read.

Some say Trey has a big ego. I disagree with those people but I will say I have self pride. You think Sean Allen looks in the mirror and is ashamed of the act that ESPN decided that Wynshynski’s blogs were better than his are? I would be. In fact, If I were him I can guarantee you the bosses would be hearing from me. If I work at the same company as someone, I’m not letting them go behind a paywall and profit while mine are posted for free. His blogs aren’t getting published any different than mine. Bottom line. I guess Allen must not have any self pride.

Don’t worry ESPN. I’ll be on your radar. I’m going to bury your boy Sean that you may or may not care about. I’m going to expose him for the fraud that we all know he is. I think your actions indicate the truth. Just wait for hockey season. Just wait. Lord help them.


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