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Dwayne Johnson
AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

Does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Buy Social Media Followers?

Dwayne Johnson
AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

Does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Buy Social Media Followers?

So, there I am this morning, scrolling through Instagram waiting for 12:15 to hit before I have an interview, and I see a little blurb about how Dwayne Johnson is in the top five in terms of followers on the platform with a staggering 313 million followers. I think to myself Jesus christ that is a lot, 313 million people following one account is nuts. So, I went to his page to see some of the stuff he posts. I do follow The Rock, as I am an avid WWE fan and have been all my life, but I don’t often see his posts. But something about his account struck me as being just a little weird. Let me explain.

I am going to show you a few examples of his Instagram, tell me something you notice with all of his posts.

Last one.

I will give you a second to take a further look at these posts and come back to me.

Want the answer? Look at the number of likes on the posts. Now, remember how many followers he has. 313 million followers, and only 216k likes on a post? That is an interaction rate of .0006 percent. Most social media marketing experts say that your interaction rate ideally should hover around 1%-5%, with anything above 5% meaning that your social media presence is doing well. This number is hilariously low. Yes, Dwayne Johnson does have some posts that do really well, getting above a million likes, even I believe topping out at or above 4 million. But to have some being this low? Something is up. Want more examples? Let me show you someone else on the top five list: Selena Gomez.

For context, Selena Gomez has 317 million followers on Instagram.
A post about a makeup product. 2.3 million likes
She looks great here. 7.2 million likes. Interaction rate of .02 percent which is low, but remarkably higher than Dwayne Johnson.

Last one. To keep things fair, I went digging for a post that didn’t do well in likes. Here is what I found.
7 days ago. Over a million likes.

Well, Garrett, Selena Gomez is beautiful, of course, she is going to have all these likes on her posts. Yes, I would agree. She is stunning. But don’t get it twisted, Dwayne Johnson is one handsome SOB as well. It isn’t the looks that are driving the interactions on these posts. Maybe her followers are real and The Rock’s followers are bots. It’s something to consider.

Her interaction rate is also much lower than the expected rate, but if you compare the two it isn’t even close.

Look, I am not here to clown on those who feel they have to buy followers in order to keep up appearances. If you feel better about yourself with having an inflated followers count, be my guest. But the numbers speak for themselves. Instagram itself has so many more interactions on its posts. Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner. The interactions are there on their posts, why isn’t it on The Rock’s? Maybe I am wrong and this has just been a wild goose chase in my head. But something doesn’t add up here.

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