NBA Top 75 List
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Does Anybody Really Give A Damn About The NBA Top 75 List?

This week, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NBA, the NBA announced their “NBA Top 75 List” which is listed as the 75 greatest players in NBA history. The NBA 75th Anniversary Team was selected by a panel of current and former NBA players, coaches, general managers, and team and league executives, WNBA legends and sportswriters, and broadcasters. If you would like to see the list of players, I will include the link to the page here. Obviously, when you make lists there are bound to be snubs. Said snubs will always be outspoken about it (I am looking at you, Klay Thompson). But in reality, it begs the question…does anyone really give a fuck about the NBA Top 75 List?

I Have So Many Issues

Let’s start with this: why should you give a fuck? Someone like Klay Thomspon will go into the Hall of Fame, probably first ballot, is fired up about it. Just look at his socials. Dwight Howard, also probably going into the Hall, is not on the list. Alex English, Joe Dumars, the list goes on and on. Do you know what they all have in common? THEY ALL WILL BE IN THE HALL OF FAME. Literally the most prestigious accolade you can have on your basketball resume. Why should the players care, and more so why should fans? People we have never heard of gathering together to make an opinion-based list that any one person can make at home. It’s all opinion-based. This leads me to my next point.

There Will Always Be Snubs

The uproar on social media and by players makes me laugh. You do realize that with every list you make, you are always leaving something out which someone else will value more than you. For example, here are my top 5 fast food places (in no order): Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Canes, Popeyes, Zaxby’s. Notice some notable places I left off? You’re thinking of 4 or 5 right now. BECAUSE THIS IS MY OPINION WHY DO YOU CARE?! You make a list and announce it and watch people say, “well, what about this? I guess we forgot about this”. Not everyone is going to like your opinions. Prime example: I believe Steph Curry is the greatest PG of all time. People will disagree and argue. It’s my opinion, if you disagree I simply do not care. There will always be snubs and the NBA Top 75 List is no different. This leads me to my last point.

What Do You Think Will Happen For Their 100th Anniversary?

Folks, yall realize that for the 100th Anniversary, there will be a list. On that list will be more current players, mostly the same players on now as well. But, there will be players left off that list that you think should be on it. And you will go straight to Twitter and mention your favorite player in a tweet and defend them. Then go on big media platforms and debate in the comments and bitch and moan about it. It’s all bait. So the NBA made a list of their top players, who cares? Why do we as the consumer care about this? It boggles my mind.

No offense, but if you read this list and had an issue with them leaving off literally anybody, you’re a child. A bonafide loser. I didn’t even read the entire list because I don’t care what the people who made this list think. Why should you? If you have such an issue with it, become important enough to where you can be on a panel making the 100th Anniversary list. Otherwise, stop bitching about the NBA Top 75 List and go back to your life. I promise this list is not important.

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