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Xbox 360

(Via Microsoft)

Discord is Coming to Xbox Soon

Xbox 360
(Via Microsoft)

A development concerning all Xbox players was recently announced. This news is a collaboration between Xbox and Discord — a popular instant messaging social platform that is often used by gamers in the gaming community. The app is loved by the community, as the app grants highly accessible servers through cross-platform devices/consoles — even voice chat.

The widely accessible voice, video, and text chat apps are finally adding voice chat integration onto Xbox consoles. This means players will be able to use the voice chat system without needing another, often hand-held, device.

This long-awaited announcement is something that fans have been demanding. Especially with Discord announcing way back in January that Playstation users could link their Discord accounts. Xbox players have been requesting voice-integration through Discord at a global level.

“Voice on Xbox has been something that Discord users around the world have been asking for.”

How does it work?

Discord explained the new process by clarifying that the player has to install an account onto an Xbox console. In doing this, the player can then display a Gamertag and current game activity- as well as how long they have been actively playing. Once connected, the player then transfers phone calls from the Xbox Mobile app on a handheld device to the Xbox console. With a headset, the Xbox will then be able to use voice calls through the Discord app.

But, don’t get too excited. This new feature is not yet available for all Xbox players.

So…when will the Discord update be available?

The Discord update is available now to Xbox Insider program participants. With an unreleased date for all Xbox players, hopefully, Xbox is using early testing and bug fixes to perfect the widespread release for all consoles.

In other Xbox voice-integration news:

Announced earlier today, the new Xbox controller sweepstakes will feature the first ever singing Xbox controller. This new element paired with other recent designs and collaborations draws plenty of attention to Xbox, as fans gear for the cross-wide Discord release.

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