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Diontae Johnson

(Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Diontae Johnson Using Tennis Machine To Work On Drops

Diontae Johnson
Diontae Johnson had issues with drops a year ago so he’s practicing with a tennis machine to fix that issue. Will Johnson take a leap in 2021? (Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Diontae Johnson should try out for the lead role in the next Butterfingers commercial based on what he did last season. While drops isn’t an official stat, the data on the interwebs suggests that Johnson dropped as many as 16 passes last year. NOT IDEAL. While it’s clear the former Toledo product is uber-talented, it’s imperative he fixes the drop issue.

Diontae Johnson is working on an interesting method to fix his drop issues. Anyone up for a game of tennis? Johnson is practicing on snatching those tennis balls to fix the drop issue.

It’s a smaller target so you have to really focus on the ball and the object coming at you,” Johnson said this week, via Rutter. “That’s what I’ve been honing on to. Now, when I catch the football it’s easy.”

“It’s always been easy to me, but it’s keeping that focus and that confidence,” Johnson said.

“It was just focus,” Johnson said. “Just taking my eye off the ball that one split second. Drop the ball right there and it goes in the back of your mind and you constantly think about stuff like that. That’s the main thing — focus and making sure you look at the ball all the way in before you run. Focus on the catch first, run second.”

Talent isn’t the issue here. Johnson has no issue getting open. He does have issues staying healthy and catching the ball. Johnson is a clear X-Factor on this Steelers offense. If he’s able to take the leap, it takes this Pittsburgh wide receiver room from very good to elite. My fantasy team is hoping Johnson takes another step forward in 2021.

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