Devin White
Devin White is officially the best linebacker in the NFL and a big reason why the Buccaneers are in the Super Bowl. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Devin White Is The Best Linebacker In The NFL

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the Super Bowl and one of the most unheralded superstars in the NFL is a big reason why. It’s time to declare Devin White as the best linebacker in the league. There are no and, ifs, or buts about it. White is THE best that it gets.

Of course, for those that remember, White was my favorite player in the 2019 NFL Draft. I would have done anything it took to come out of the draft with him. Simple put, White was the only player in the draft that checked every box. There was just no chance he was ever going to bust. Too many signs pointed to White becoming a superstar.

White had a really nice rookie season but he’s exploded in year two. White ranks third in the NFL with 97 solo tackles and fourth in the NFL with 140 total tackles. Obviously, tackles don’t mean everything but they sort of tell the story on what makes White special.

White’s speed is really what sets him apart. Linebackers that run 4.42 don’t just grow on trees. White isn’t just fast, he’s a heat-seeking piss missile that also has the necessary instincts to get to the spot he needs to be. The former first round pick from LSU isn’t a little guy either. Standing at 6-foot, 237, White is more than just a little fast linebacker.

White can really do it all. Forget about the speed and all the natural middle linebacker stuff for a second. We’re talking about a guy who notched nine sacks as a middle linebacker. White is strong enough to get by offensive lineman and gets to the quarterback faster than almost anybody. White was 9th in the league in sacks despite not rushing the passer nearly as frequently as pure edge rushers.

The thing that separates linebackers is their ability to cover. White is phenomenal in that aspect. The Bucs linebacker didn’t have any interceptions in the regular season but changed the tide in the playoff game against the Saints. He’s a natural coverage.

There are a lot of great linebackers in the NFL. Eric Kendricks is a monster. I tried to tell you he would be awesome. Myles Jack is fantastic. Bobby Wagner just doesn’t miss tackles. Name whoever you want. Nobody is as well rounded as Devin White. He’s THE best.

Devin White reminds me so much of the old Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks. The only difference is, White might be better and is more explosive. If Tampa wins the Super Bowl, White could have a lot to do with it. The Bucs defense is one of the biggest stories in the league and it’s because they have a future Hall of Famer reigning over their defense.

Side Note: Good old Mike Mayock decided that Clelin Ferrell was better than Devin White. You wonder why I shit on the Raiders decision maker all the time?

Side Note: Pro Football Focus has Devin White graded as a 43.4 on the season. Not much needs to be said here other than what I’ve already said. Their entire company should be burned to the ground.