Deshaun Watson Lamar Jackson
Deshaun Watson is better than Lamar Jackson and it’s not close (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

This Sunday, the Houston Texans are traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens in a Week 11 showdown. It’s being hyped up as the Deshaun Watson vs. Lamar Jackson showdown. On the surface, it seems super silly, but that’s the mainstream media for you. Everybody with a brain already knows the truth and I can’t believe I even have to talk about this. Deshaun Watson is significantly better than Lamar Jackson. It’s not really close either.

It’s really silly that we have to have this conversation, but here we are. Let’s compare the two.

Jackson: 66 percent, 2,036 yards, 8 yards per attempt, 15 touchdowns, 5 interceptions

Watson: 70 percent, 2,432 yards, 8.1 yards per attempt, 18 touchdowns, 5 interceptions.

Watson has the edge. You can add the rushing if you prefer but Watson has a higher yard per carry average in his career than Jackson. The problem is Watson’s edge goes beyond the numbers. Jackson should have every edge. When I say should have the edge. It’s because Jackson has everything going for him. Watson has almost nothing going for him.

Baltimore is a stable franchise. Houston has never been. Baltimore actually has a general manager. Houston does not. John Harbaugh has proven to be a fantastic head coach. He won a Super Bowl with Joe Flacco and has a career winning percentage of 60 percent and 62.5 percent in the playoffs. Bill O’Brien couldn’t even win at Penn State and likely would be out of a job if it wasn’t for Watson. The Ravens have a real defense or a scary secondary anyway. The Texans meanwhile give away Jadeveon Clowney for a bag of chips, give up that same pick for Gareon Conley, then lose JJ Watt for the season. The Ravens have 3 productive tight ends. Please name the Texans tight end without googling it. The Ravens have Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards. The Texans have washed Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson who the Browns couldn’t wait to get rid of. The Ravens have one of the best offensive lines in football. The Texans offensive line has been notoriously awful. Beyond awful. Lamar Jackson has the best kicker in the history of the NFL on his side to bail out drives. Deshaun Watson has some guy named Kaimi Fairbairn. Yeah, exactly. Watson has DeAndre Hopkins. That’s it. That’s the end of the advantages. Jackson has EVERYTHING ELSE.

Deshaun Watson isn’t just better than Lamar Jackson. He’s better than him with all the chips stacked in favor of Jackson’s favor during a time where Greg Roman is pulling out enough smoke and mirrors to fool defenses. If the two quarterbacks switched teams, the gap would be the size of the Grand Canyon.

Deshaun Watson is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. It’s a miracle he is winning as much as he is with the lack of organizational support. Bill O’Brien has been driving the ship drunk since they haven’t had a gm. Meanwhile Baltimore actually, you know, has a gm… stop this Lamar Jackson narrative. It’s so disrespectful to even put Watson in Jackson’s class. Watson is in the Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes class. Jackson is in the running quarterback who will most likely flame out class. Stop comparing the two. It’s the most disrespectful narrative going on.