DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan is an established cancer in the NBA. The Chicago Bulls franchise continues to be a joke. Why is anyone excited? (Mark Sobhani/NBAE/Getty Images)

DeMar DeRozan Is A Cancer, The Bulls Are A Joke

Welp, it looks like we have a new fanboy team in the NBA. The Chicago Bulls have no chance to make any noise in the playoffs but the fanboys across the NBA seem to love every single move they have made. The Bulls offseason was capped off by a sign and trade to bring DeMar DeRozan to Chicago. The only problem is, any person with a brain knows DeRozan is a full blown cancer and will help guide the Bulls towards irrelevancy.

Can we just get this out of the way first? Arturas Karnisovas is clearly a Lakers and or Los Angeles fanboy. To the point where it’s become embarrassing and it’s no longer a coincidence. Think I’m joking? Look at all the moves Karnisovas has made.

  • Trade for Nikola Vucevic (former Laker played at USC)
  • Sign and trade for Lonzo Ball (former Laker played at UCLA)
  • Sign Alex Caruso (former Laker)
  • Sign and trade for DeMar DeRozan (From Los Angeles and played at USC)

Karnisovas has taken his fetish a bit too far. Keep it in your pants, bro. Your four biggest moves are all moves an eight year old from LA would make in his basement playing 2K. Does it get more humiliating? Good god, how can you have any other takeaway other than the fact that the Bulls are a joke?

I do want to dive deeper on DeRozan because this idea that he’s a centerpiece of a contender is maybe the most laughable concept ever. The idea that you would give DeRozan $85 million over three years is insane.

DeRozan has lost a step athletically but can still move. He’s also an underrated distributor, but isn’t that why you signed Lonzo?

The cons? Well, they’re a never ending list.

He has zero dog in him. Remember the time DeRozan benched himself in a playoff game because he was scared of LeBron? I do.

DeRozan has already shown cancer tendencies. He led to the Spurs’ downfall. San Antonio was actually better when he wasn’t on the floor. The Spurs were 1.9 points better when DeRozan sat in 2020.

The new Spurs wing is a horrendous three-point shooter. DeRozan shot 25% a year ago and has a 28% mark for his career. That’s the new NBA. Can’t shoot, get the hell off the floor. Of course, DeRozan messes with team spacing because he can only score in the mid-range.

DeRozan doesn’t play a lick of defense. He’s a turnstile on the other end of the floor.

Where are the signature wins? Where are the signature shots? Name ONE time DeRozan did something memorable?

This whole thing is comical. What are we doing here getting excited over a 7 seed at best? Stop it. Get real, noob. DeMar DeRozan is a cancer and the Bulls are a joke.

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