Davis Mills
The Houston Texans basically lit a pick on fire when they drafted Davis Mills, the poor guy is going to be replaced next year. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea, Getty Images)

Davis Mills Was A Waste Of A Draft Pick

The Houston Texans basically lit their first pick on fire and fired it into orbit because drafting Davis Mills was an absolute waste. I don’t have anything against Mills, he’s just going to be replaced instantly when Houston inevitably sucks and gets a pick in the top three of the 2022 NFL Draft.

I have nothing against Davis Mills, I’m rooting for him to succeed but this was a complete waste of a draft pick by the Houston Texans. This roster is terrible, it’s so terrible that they will be the third-worst team in the NFL if they’re lucky! If Watson plays, maybe they’ll be the fifth-worst team, but he wants out, and he might not even play with the legal issues. Let’s take a look at what could happen to the future of Davis Mills and why it was a wasted pick.

Will Mills Ever Be A Franchise QB?

I don’t know, the guy hardly played in college. He also went to probably the worst spot in the NFL for any developmental or inexperienced rookie quarterback. The chance is extremely slim, and that’s not how you want to spend your first pick in a draft. You need to hit on your early picks, and drafting someone who’s either never going to play or be replaced in a year is not smart at all.

If Watson Plays, Mills Won’t See The Field

In a scenario where Deshaun Watson plays, Mills just won’t see the field. That shouldn’t need any explanation at all, let’s move on.

Houston Will Suck

Houston will be picking near the top of the 2022 NFL draft anyway. If Deshaun Watson is gone, they’re going to be hunting for a quarterback and Davis Mills will be introduced to the bench, where he will remain and will likely never start a meaningful game for the Houston Texans.

I’ll say this again, I have nothing against Davis Mills. I simply think that the Texans lit a draft pick on fire by taking him. The entire team needs improvement, picking a quarterback who’ll either never play or be replaced after one season just isn’t smart.

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