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Dan Snyder Finally Selling Commanders?

Dan Snyder Finally Selling Commanders?

*** Editor’s note: Content warning: this story contains mention of sexual assault. ***

It’s the news that Commander fans have been waiting to hear for the better part of a decade now: It appears that Dan Snyder is finally in the beginning stages of selling the Washington Commanders.

As first reported by Forbes, Synder has hired Bank of America Securities to aid him and his wife in the selling of the team and other possible transactions. It’s also being reported that Synder already has four people who have called with potential interest in purchasing the team.

The Commanders released a statement Wednesday morning regarding the development.

This story is still developing as I write this, and I can guarantee more information will come as time goes on. But I think Commander fans everywhere are hoping that the Dan Snyder era is coming to an end. His tenure with the team has seen very little on-field success, notably struggling to make it past the divisional round at any point under his ownership.

However, the off the field issues have been the main source of contention.

Snyder has been at the center of a number of different scandals during his tenure leading the team, including sexual harassment claims in which cheerleaders were forced to take topless photos and allegations from 17 different women in the organization who claimed they were sexually harassed by staff members.

Snyder himself was accused of sexual assault in April 2009 by a female employee, as reported by The Washington Post earlier this summer. Three months after the allegation was brought forth, the team and employee agreed to a confident $1.6 million settlement.

Snyder has created one of the most toxic workplace environments in the NFL and it’s gotten to the point where players are starting to become distracted by it. Star wideout Terry McLaurin commented on the difficult nature of playing under Snyder’s ownership.

“I think that’s tough for us as players,” McLaurin said. “Obviously, with social media and everything that’s out there, you see what’s going on.”

Quote via the New York Post

Whatever may end up happening, I can say for certain that I’d imagine most Commander fans want Snyder out. His time with Washington has been filled with corruption, scandals and endless off-field accusations that seemingly never end.

Winning cures a lot, but unfortunately for Snyder, he hasn’t even been able to do that. I’m sure Snyder was hoping that the recent rebrand would deflect attention off himself. And while it did just that for maybe a season, the time has passed and now all the allegations and dirty skeletons are finally coming out of the closet.


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