Dan Campbell
Dan Campbell is a valuable addition to the Saints coaching staff (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Dan Campbell spent time as the Miami Dolphins interim head coach during the 2015 season. Miami responded by winning it’s first two games under Campbell displaying his fiery spirit. Now with the Saints Dan Campbell is embracing his role as the assistant head coach and tight ends coach.

“I was fortunate enough to have a pretty long career, so I’ve tried everything,” Campbell said via ESPN. “And I’ve been coached a lot of different ways and techniques, and the beauty of that is you take the best of that with you.

“So I feel like now that I’ve gotten to this point, I’ve got a lot of good things in the toolbox to give these guys that either I’ve tried or I’ve seen good players do. That goes from [Jeremy] Shockey to [Jason] Witten … and all kind of talent level. What a guy can do or can’t do with his ability.”

Head Coach Sean Payton was able to lure Campbell to his staff after coaching him for 8 years in New York and Dallas. Offseason signee Coby Fleener could end up being the beneficiary of Campbell’s presence in both the running and passing game. Both elements are everything a tight end brings to the table. Fleener could be an option fantasy owners love with Drew Brees adding to his fantasy value.

“I have really liked working with Dan,” Fleener said. “As a former player, he understands it from a different perspective than a lot of guys do. But he’s also very intelligent and can explain things in a way that is a lot more in-depth than simple X’s and O’s. He gives a certain reason for why things go on or why we do things this way or that way, which I really appreciate.

“He is very passionate about what he does and I appreciate that. I appreciate the way he approaches his work and the way he approaches the players he’s coaching … as intelligent men who can be self-sufficient, while giving us the support we need.”