Cynthia Frelund
Cynthia Frelund just pulled off the biggest psycho move in the history of sports writing. Mock Draft season has officially gone too far. (Alix Kane/NFL)

Mock Draft season is here and everybody thinks their a draft expert. Everybody and their mother has a mock draft. I personally hate doing them but I find them interesting. The point of a mock draft is to try to project who each team will pick. A pretty simple concept. Mock draft season has officially gone too far. Cynthia Frelund of has officially written the single dumbest mock draft I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure it can be topped.

Cynthia Frelund has taken the basic premise of all mock drafts and thrown it out the window. Click this link to see the mock draft yourself. This line basically sums up the premise of her post. She wrote it, not me.

I am NOT attempting to predict or divine what teams will ACTUALLY DO on draft day.

That takes the cake right there. There is stupid and then there’s that. What are we doing here? Imagine how much time this article took her to write knowing that there is absolutely no value to the post. It would be like going to the grocery store, asking a store worker where they sell pineapple milk, then follow up by saying “don’t worry, I just want to imagine how it would sitting on the shelves”. Not only has mock draft season gone too far, but this may also go down as the single biggest psycho move in the history of sports writing. It’s so insane that you almost have to give her credit for this article. I thought I’ve seen it all. Hey, it’s certainly different!

Here is the other crazy part about it. Not only does Frelund’s mock draft have zero value, but it’s also totally wrong. Frelund attempted to do a mock draft based on analytics without having zero rationale behind the math. I don’t know what sort of math she’s using, but there is no possible way to explain how a potential franchise quarterback is the 5th and 6th most valuable asset in the draft. Nothing is more valuable than a franchise quarterback. Especially one you don’t have to commit high dollars to. To suggest an interior defensive tackle or pseudo hybrid linebacker is more valuable than a franchise quarterback makes an already laughable concept even dumber.