Craig Carton
(Charles Eckert)

Craig Carton has finally made his return back to WFAN. Joe Benigno retiring cleared the way for Carton’s return. Carton announced that he’d be returning full-time on November 8.

Craig Carton has Made his Return to WFAN

Carton will be co-hosting with Evan Roberts, as Evan needs a partner now. However, Carton didn’t push Benigno out as people were thinking. Benigno retired on his own accord.

Let’s get into the hour special. Well, this was something. I listened to it live, and Carton was dropping some bombs about himself. From being very open about his gambling addiction to contemplating suicide. There was a lot to take in here.

Carton Spilled the Personal Beans About Himself

First, the gambling addiction. Carton laid it all on the table here. He discussed the fact of his misallocation loans to pay back his gambling debts. The constant gambling company ads were brought up, which has been a topic of discussion amongst fans. Carton has changed as the old Carton would’ve never been one to admit mistakes and take accountability.

Carton stated that he would use his reclaimed platform to speak on responsible gambling and the dangers of becoming an addict. The show was outstanding. I highly recommend listening to it. It was real and raw; Carton was excellent in his return.

Secondly, and probably the most shocking. Is that Carton dropped the fact that when he was 11 years old, he was molested. That was something no one knew up until this point. Carton hadn’t spoken about this matter until he said it on the radio.

Finally, Carton discussed the point in his life when he considered suicide. The story goes that he was hiking with his wife. And while he was on his way up the mountain on a lift. Carton contemplated jumping off and killing himself. Nevertheless, The show was crazy.

Carton also cleared the air with his old co-host Boomer Esiason on the show. Boomer called into the show to talk with Carton and Evan. The two joked about who would be running the WFAN softball team. Thus, returning to a friendly relationship between the two.

I applaud the Carton comeback; everyone thinks he deserves a second chance. From the looks of it, Carton has become a different person. And his new show with Evan will be something special.