Tony Romo
(Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Tony Romo and Jerry Jones go way back, as we all know. Romo was the Cowboys signal-caller for 14 seasons. Romo famously lost his job to Dak Prescott when he suffered a back injury and never got his job back. Now with Dak out for the year and Andy Dalton out with a concussion, It would be very poetic for the prodigal son to return home and go out the way he wanted.

Tony Romo Has One Last Run In Him

Romo does love being a broadcaster, and he is excellent at it. Also, he is locked up with a huge contract, but he can make it work if he wants to. Take Rob Gronkowski, for example. Gronk was with WWE and even held a title, a joke title, but a title nonetheless, and the Gronk returned. However, Romo didn’t exactly go out on top, as Gronk did. If anything, Romo has more reason to come back.

Jerry Jones Wouldn’t Say No if Romo Came Calling

Jerry Jones, above all else, wants to win. If Romo approaches Jerry about coming back for one year, will he say no? Dalton stinks and just received a bad concussion; who knows how long he’ll be out. The NFC East is an abomination. Everyone in the division is within a game of first place. Who would Jerry rather have to play QB for him, Ben Dinucci or Romo? Football fans all know this answer. It’s Romo.

This may sound crazy, unbelievable, unrealistic, or whatever you want to call it. But we all know the NFL is a league of entertainment; what’s more entertaining than the former franchise QB coming out of retirement when his team needs him the most. Now that is must-see TV. Romo is leading the Cowboys to the playoffs and trying to go on a run one last time. Who says no to that? I know I wouldn’t say no.