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College Football 25 Defensive Team Rankings Released

EA Sports College Football
(Sara Diggins/American-Statesman / USA TODAY NETWORK)

College Football 25 Defensive Team Rankings Released

As we draw closer to the highly anticipated release of EA Sports College Football 25 next month, the developer has released a bunch of information this week. We got the toughest stadiums to play in earlier this week, yesterday we got a deep dive into the sights and sounds of the game (linked below) and today we got both the top offensive and defensive rankings released. In this one, we will go over the top 25 defensive units in the game.

  • No. 1: Ohio State (96 overall)
  • No. 2: Georgia (94 overall)
  • No. 3: Oregon (90 overall)
  • No. 4: Alabama (90 overall)
  • No. 5: Clemson (90 overall)
  • No. 6: Notre Dame (90 overall)
  • No. 7: Michigan (90 overall)
  • No. 8: Texas (88 overall)
  • No. 9: Penn State (88 overall)
  • No. 10: Utah (88 overall)
  • No. 11: Florida State (88 overall)
  • No. 12: Oklahoma (88 overall)
  • No. 13: Iowa (88 overall)
  • No. 14: Virginia Tech (86 overall)
  • No. 15: Wisconsin (86 overall)
  • No. 16: USC (86 overall)
  • No. 17: Auburn (86 overall)
  • No. 18: LSU (84 overall)
  • No. 19: Texas A&M (84 overall)
  • No. 20: Colorado (84 overall)
  • No. 21: Oklahoma State (84 overall)
  • No. 22: Louisville (84 overall)
  • No. 23: North Carolina (84 overall)
  • No. 24: Kansas State (84 overall)
  • No. 25: Florida (84 overall)

There’s a lot to dive into with these defensive rankings for EA Sports College Football 25, but I will try to keep my thoughts brief.

Boy, they are really pushing this Colorado agenda, huh? I’m not sure Colorado will make a bowl game this year, but they have top 20 units on both sides of the ball. Same thing with Clemson. I don’t believe they make the ACC title game, yet have a top-ten offense and a top-five defense. Iowa being 13th is criminal. All they do there is play defense since they can’t score points. Ohio State’s defense is going to be really good this year, so I am not shocked they got the top spot. USC having a higher defensive rating than offense is hilarious. Lastly, I felt like Kansas should have been in the top 25, they’re going to be good this year.

What do you think of the rankings? Sound off in the comments!


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