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Clayton Kershaw Is A Joke

(Kevin Jairaj / USA TODAY Sports)

If you are a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, I would suggest you don’t read this. Because I have some bad news to share about your favorite pitcher since Sandy Koufax, and that news is that Clayton Kershaw is a joke. I have never seen any professional athlete crumble under postseason pressure in my entire life, and if you want my honest opinion? Its time to move on from Kershaw, he is holding this organization back. You want some proof on how bad Clayton Kershaw is in the postseason? I’m glad you asked.

What brought all this hate towards the star left-hander for the Dodgers, you ask? Did you happen to miss what happened last night? Here, I got you.

You want stats? Say less.
More? You got it.
The man is just not clutch, as shown above, once the game reaches the 7th inning, he completely forgets how to pitch.
Seriously? Double the amount of the next guy behind you? And he is supposed to be elite?

I’ll stop you right there, because I know its coming. Yes, I understand Clayton Kershaw is one of the best pitchers of our generation. His stuff, when he’s on, is unhittable. A career 2.44 era with over 160 wins in his career is remarkable. Since entering the league, he has recorded 5 or fewer losses in a season 7 times. That’s elite. What’s not elite is his postseason stats. Kershaw is 9-11 with a career 4.43 era. His era in elimination games is even worse, at 5.77 percent in 11 tries. This is not the guy you want as the ace of your staff. The Dodgers were one of the favorites going into the National League playoffs, and couldn’t get the job done, per usual. Clayton Kershaw is a joke, and its time to move on.


It is a wild concept to wrap your head around, I get it. Trading away arguably one of the best REGULAR SEASON pitchers of all time, at or just beyond his prime, but the time has come. Pull the plug and ship Kershaw out of town, and watch how much better the team plays like how the Nationals are better without Bryce Harper. There are plenty of teams who will look at the name and the regular season stats and send the farm for the 31-year-old. And that is what this team needs is a fresh start. Give the keys to those young bulls on the staff and let them develop into true number one option they are thought to be someday. I get that Dave Roberts made some poor choices last night, but he didn’t give up two home runs ON TWO PITCHES. Face facts, Dodgers fans. Clayton Kershaw is a joke, and the time has come to move on. You’ll thank me later.

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