Chuba Hubbard
Oklahoma State tailback Chuba Hubbard is a bust waiting to happen. Hubbard is a running back to avoid in the 2021 NFL Draft class. (Matthew Putney/AP)

Chuba Hubbard Is A Bust Waiting To Happen

It’s no secret that the 2021 NFL Draft is a weak running back class. Because of the lack of depth at the position, someone like Travis Etienne could easily be pushed in the first round conversation (when he shouldn’t be). As always, many teams will be looking for that steal in the third round to become a key part of a rotation.

Do yourself a favor and cross Chuba Hubbard right off the draft board. A player once thought of by many (not including myself) as a top tier RB prospect, has bust written all over him.

Hubbard was a darling of the scouting community (for some unknown reason) after he rushed for over 2,000 yards in 2019. Of course, he came crashing back to earth in 2020 rushing for 625 seeing his YPC average dip from 6.4 to 4.7.

When scouting, I like to look at things from multiple angles. A common sense angle has to be part of the equation. Justice Hill was a player at Oklahoma State I wasn’t fond of. Hill showed more speed and explosion than Hubbard ever did in college. Hill has proven to be worthless in the NFL.

From a skill set standpoint, it’s hard to find something to like about Hubbard. The Oklahoma State product is a huge liability in pass protection. He’s going to struggle to stay on the field on third down in general. More and more, the NFL requires you to be a skilled pass catcher out of the backfield. Hubbard is far from a natural in that regard.

Chuba Hubbard

One of the things that made Leonard Fournette way less valuable coming out of college than Christian McCaffrey was that lack of a pass catching trait. Hubbard isn’t in the same galaxy as Fournette either. If you can’t pass protect or catch, you’re replaceable unless your name is Derrick Henry. Hubbard isn’t close to as gifted.

Sure, Hubbard picked up some production in the Big 12. You don’t scout for results, you scout for traits. Hubbard has a track background but he’s far from a burner on tape. I would project he would have ran anywhere from the 4.5 to 4.6 range which is fine but not special.

I see something similar to Josh Jacobs in terms of speed but missing that physicality element. The Big 12 is a pillow fight. If you can’t fight for extra yardage in that conference, I want no part of this stock.

Chuba Hubbard

When watching Hubbard, you see a player that doesn’t fight for extra yards, shows poor vision, and just doesn’t possess that high twitch movement skills. To be frank, I don’t see where the buzz comes from. It’s why I’ve been out from the start. There’s no electric movement skills in his knee bend. Furthermore, if this is how you embrace contact playing against Texas, I’m out.

Get me out of the Chuba Hubbard business. The hype was silly a year ago and more people are starting to figure it out after a down 2020 season. Go back and watch the games from this past year. I’m not sure he’s better than LD Brown which says everything you need to know.

Don’t count me on the list of advocates for Chuba Hubbard. When it comes to the 2021 NFL Draft, I think there are better options in the middle rounds to target. Kenneth Gainwell, Javonte Williams, and Michael Carter are backs I’d be much more interested in on draft day.