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Chris Olave

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Are We Sure We Can Trust Chris Olave For Fantasy In 2022?

Chris Olave
Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

How High Is Chris Olave Fantasy Potential For The Saints In 2022?

How high is Chris Olave Fantasy potential for the Saints? That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? There are a lot of uncertainties for the Saints that need to be discussed and that in turn will affect their fantasy value going forward. How does Chris Olave fit in the mess of the Saints right now?

There are a few things that need to be discussed before we can even talk about Suave Olave. (If this nickname comes to fruition, I am the one who coined it just remember.) Let’s just talk about the guys that are in the same position first. Michael Thomas is coming back which is huge for the Saints because guys like Marquez Callaway disappointed last year. Then, the Saints recently signed Jarvis Landry which also hurts Chris Olave’s fantasy potential. If Michael Thomas wasn’t coming back or if the Saints weren’t signing Jarvis Landry, I’d feel a lot better about Chris Olave and his fantasy production. As far as WRs go, he is probably the WR3, which isn’t a great start, and it could be worse considering the next point.

Alvin Kamara still exists, before we go on the situation with that, I want to go into the football sense of it because that could be a whole other post by itself and his situation. But, depending on legal troubles, Alvin Kamara might still play this year considering how shitty the NFL is most of the time. That only pushes Olave’s fantasy production down even more. Already being the de facto WR3, he’s probably the 4th option on the team when you throw Kamara in there. You know… if he plays. Well, at least they have an established QB, right? Oh, wait.

Some people think Jameis Winston has a chance to succeed, some think Sam Darnold does, and some think that Carson Wentz does. The thing with all 3 of these QBs is that they’re all surviving off potential. Time is running out for these guys, but this has to do with Jameis Winston. I will say that Jameis played better once he got his eyes fixed, but that is a small sample of his entire resume. There’s a lot of pressure on Winston to perform. He has to stay healthy and play well while healthy. With the incoming QB class, he might not be starting the year after if he struggles this year.

That’s a lot of determining factors for Chris Olave to have success as a rookie WR. There are 2 clear WRs ahead of him, a talented RB, and a questionable QB on his plate. Even if the QB was a sure-fire star, there are not a lot of targets to go around after Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and then Alvin Kamara. So, are we sure we can trust Chris Olave for 2022? I’m not saying he’s un-draftable like Drake London, but you shouldn’t reach for him in your re-draft leagues given his current situation. Let’s pump the breaks on Olave for fantasy, he’s got a lot to work through just to fight for targets.


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