Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen had a wild and totally inaccurate take on Justin Fields. Apparently, Fields struggled with mechanics because of a baseball career in college that didn’t exist. (Rich Arden/ESPN)

Chris Mortensen Has Wild, Totally Inaccurate Take On Justin Fields

You cannot defeat the narratives! True or untrue, once the sports media circle decides they want to start hating on an athlete for no reason, you can never defeat the hatred. Case in point, the NFL media has decided the most efficient passer in the history of college football (Tua Tagovailoa) is a bust. K. Laughable. Moving on.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN had a wild take on why Justin Fields is dropping in the draft. Of course, his take was totally inaccurate.

“People don’t realize that Justin Fields was a big-time high school baseball player,” Mortensen said on the network. “… He was actually going between two sports, and then the pandemic…those type of things might have messed with his mechanics a little bit.”

Funny thing about that is Justin Fields hasn’t played a single baseball game since he left high school. Yeah, that’s right. Fields has not played baseball since 2018 when he played at his high school in Harrison, Georgia. The Ohio State quarterback is three years removed from playing baseball. Don’t tell the goof ball Mort that. His baseball career is messing with his mechanics!

Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson all played baseball at some point too. I think those guys are doing just fine. Maybe Mort is right. I guess we should be concerned that Fields played baseball three years ago. Maybe Ohio State was just lying and covering up the box scores from their baseball games. There’s no record of him playing baseball there but don’t tell Mort that. He took the ghost runner thing a little too seriously.

Chris Mortensen just might become the NFL version of Peter Gammons. God, that would be a shame. You can’t stop the narratives!