Chiefs Barber Tested Positive
(Denny Medley, USA TODAY Sports)

Chiefs Barber Tested Positive Mid Hair Cut – ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs Barber tested positive mid haircut on Sunday according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Kansas City Chiefs have a big game this week in case you didn’t know. They are set to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday in Tampa Bay.

“Look Good, Play Good” is a common phrase uttered around athletes but it usually refers to uniform style and accessories. Over 20 players from the Chiefs were scheduled to get a haircut from the team barber when his positive test result came in. Daniel Kilgroe, the teams backup center was mid haircut on Sunday when the news got to the team.

Kilgore had jokes on Twitter about the incident

The list of people in line to get a cut on Sunday included star quarterback, face of the Chiefs and the NFL, Patrick Mahomes.

They were getting haircuts in the facility with a barber they had chosen who had been tested the five previous days and tested negative. But then his point of care test came back that day… as he was half through the haircut of Daniel Kilgore… He got pulled out of the facility because he had tested positive

Now here is the kicker to the whole story, there were 20 players and employees including Patrick Mahomes who were lined up to get appointments with this haircutter that day. So there are close contacts in the COVID world and there are close calls in the COVID world and Patrick Mahomes never got the chance to sit down with the haircutter who tested positive that day.

Adam Schefter

First of all, who calls a barber, a haircutter? What an odd thing for Schefter to say on national TV. Anyways what a potential disaster for the Chiefs that was avoided this weekend. Only 2 Chiefs players had gotten a cut I guess because only Kilgore and wide receiver Demarcus Robinson were placed on the COVID-19 list.

If I know the NFL like I think I do, Patrick Mahomes could have gotten a haircut that day and the same result would have happened. There is no shot that this game would happen without Mahomes leading the Chiefs out of the tunnel.

TL//DR: Chiefs barber tested positive for COVID mid haircut in what was a disaster situation for the team.