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Cubs Unveil City Connect Jerseys

The Chicago Cubs are the latest team to announce their City Connect jerseys that will be used this season. The announcement comes eleven days after their crosstown rival, the Chicago White Sox, unveiled their City Connect jerseys.

These jerseys pay tribute to the historic Wrigley Field, which has been the Cubs’ home since it opened in 1916. They announced the jerseys on Twitter early Tuesday.

Inspiration For The Jerseys

From this video, it is evident that the Cubs wanted everyone in the city to feel connected to their team, hence the clips from all around the city. It also explains their hashtag, “All77”, which references the 77 communities that make up the city of Chicago.

Across the jersey reads “Wrigleyville”. After a brief Google search, I learned Wrigleyville is a neighborhood in Chicago that houses electric nightlife and, of course, the Chicago Cubs.

As for the color scheme, the jerseys could be a nod to their old road uniforms from 1911-1913, featuring dark blue pants to coordinate with the dark blue jersey.

The Star on the hat is based on Chicago’s City flag, which other Chicago sports teams have used for inspiration as well.

June 12th

The Cubs will wear these City Connect jerseys for the first time June 12th against the St. Louis Cardinals. While it is unknown when they will wear them again after that, teams have already confirmed they plan on keeping their city connect jerseys as options to wear down the road.

So far, three other teams have unveiled their connect jerseys, with three more still awaiting release.

The Red Sox, Marlins, White Sox, and now Cubs have all released their jerseys, while the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, and Giants still have to release theirs. In my opinion, Miami and The White Sox have the best uniforms so far, but the three remaining teams have awesome color schemes so I am excited to see how they use the opportunity.

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