Chad Bauman
You the viewer deserve an explanation with the Vendetta Sports Fantasy Show. Chad Bauman has now been tasked with leading that charge. (David M Warren/Philadelphia Inquirer)

I’ve been trying to rack my brain around this one, but recent developments give me no choice but to do the post. My goal with Vendetta has always been bringing the most authentic content possible. If something isn’t working, I will not wait two years like ESPN to make changes and trot out the same nonsense.

Vendetta was founded as a platform for angry people to prove they belong in the media industry. For whatever reason, they haven’t gotten the opportunity or have the necessary connections in the field. I give every person the same opportunity here. Prove you’re talented, and hopefully, a major media company steals you away from me until I can afford to keep you.

Let’s be honest about this; the Vendetta Fantasy Show stinks. It’s just not acceptable. During the offseason, when I was carrying the team like Greg Jennings with a broken leg, the show was great. We don’t have the high tech magic yet, but I’ll put that content up against anybody. Since the season has started, it’s taken a continuous nose dive towards the bottom of the ocean.

Episode 39 of the Fantasy Show might go down as the worst content on the internet. Two girls, one cup suddenly became appealing after watching two minutes of this show. It was the titanic sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The only hope was to jump off the ship.

Did I want to create this post? Not really, but what choice did I have? The hosts of that episode admitted it sucked, so it’s not a secret. I also had at least five people text me saying how terrible that show was. That means everyone else who saw it was thinking the same thing. You, the viewer, deserve better.

A change that to be made. Chad Bauman is officially the host of the fantasy show until further notice. The recording will take place every Tuesday and be uploaded either Wednesday or Thursday through the rest of the NFL regular season.

Chad has been with me from day one. He’s’ the most loyal caporegime this company has. Chad will bring the fire, whether you like what he says or not. The fantasy show needs a shot of energy, and I know Chad will bring that. When things are sinking, you have to trust your best people to save the job.