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Moses Brown

(Sue Ogrocki/ AP)

What Do The Celtics See In Moses Brown?

Moses Brown
What exactly do the Celtics see in Moses Brown? The Celtics better know something we don’t or Brad Stevens should be on the hot seat. (Sue Ogrocki/ AP)

What Do The Celtics See In Moses Brown?

On the surface, Brad Stevens looks over his skis after making the Kemba Walker trade. How in the world do you give up a first round pick along with Kemba Walker to acquire a worse and older Al Horford? It makes no sense… Unless the Celtics know something we just don’t about Moses Brown. Right now, he’s the forgotten part of the trade, but it’s worth mentioning we shouldn’t just “forget” his inclusion.

The Celtics have had issues at the center position for a while. It’s been a revolving door of guys like Enes Kanter, Tristan Thompson, Daniel Theis, your mom, pet gerbil, whoever else you want to include. The five spot still looks murky, but now it’s suddenly filled with intrigue.

Robert Williams continues to ooze with potential. It just hasn’t come together yet for a full season. Now joining the rotation is 7-foot-2 former UCLA center in Moses Brown. But how does Boston view Brown? Was he a must have in this trade, or was he just a throw in? We’re about to find out.

Pessimistic Trey had two initial thoughts on this trade.

1: Did the Celtics just want another player with the last name Brown? They already have two Williams’ on the roster. At this rate, Boston might give up eight first round picks for the rights to Jayson Tatum’s son.

2: Did Boston mistakenly think they were acquiring Moses Cuh? If you know, you know.

Brown was a McDonald’s All-American as a high school senior in 2018. Brown declared for the draft right away after just one season at UCLA. In reality, Brown probably just needed more time in college because things started to click in OKC. In 43 games for the Thunder, Brown notched 8.6 points and 8.9 rebounds in 21.4 minutes of action.

It’s not as simple as taking a flier on a lump of clay. The contract obviously plays a part too, right? By no means is this the comp, but would you have given up a first round pick for three years of Duncan Robinson making pennies? I sure as hell would have.

The same thought may apply here with Brown, who is under contract for three more years making less than $2 million each of the years. If Brown flourishes, it’s a huge boom in terms of managing the books.

Does anybody know what to make of Moses Brown? Hell, he better be nasty because the Celtics essentially gave away their first round pick to acquire him. Brown isn’t just a throw in for this trade. If he becomes another failed Celtics center, Stevens may as well find himself on the hot seat… Now.


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