Carter Hart
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Carter Hart Sucks, And There’s No End In Sight

To say Carter Hart has been bad this year is a complete understatement. He has been ABYSMAL. Hart has been so terrible to the point that he will now be sitting for at least the next two games. The fact that he’s sitting isn’t necessarily surprising. The surprising part is that the Flyers organization feels such little confidence in Carter Hart that they’re benching him specifically ahead of the game versus the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

Imagine that. Hart has been such an atrocious goalie that his team is so afraid he’ll blow a game against the Sabres who are currently on a 17-game losing streak. Philadelphia is literally benching Hart because they don’t want to be the team to lose to arguably the worst team in modern NHL history. The situation is almost sad at this point. There was a time when Hart may have gotten out of his season-long slump when he stayed late at practice to try and end his goaltending woes. But…he didn’t. Just ask our Vendetta Sports founder, Trey Daubert, how he feels about Carter Hart.

Will Sitting Hart Even Help At This Point?

Carter Hart’s record in front of the net this year is 8-9-3, allowing 4.04 goals per game, and he boasts an embarrassing .869 save percentage. It’s amazing the Flyers are even still in line to make the playoffs honestly. As most hockey fans know, it’s virtually impossible to have any kind of success in the fast-paced NHL anymore if your goalie can’t at least give you a .910 save percentage. There’s bad, and then there’s Carter Hart.

When asked about Hart’s benching, Flyers coach Alain Vigneault had this to say:

“He (Hart) needs to work on his game, he needs to work harder, work better. I had a good conversation with him and Kim (Dillabaugh) about my expectations, his practice habits and him stopping the puck. Carter’s going to benefit from practicing here. This is not a rest day for Carter, this is a work day”

For the most part, this is the first time coach Vigneault has made it abundantly clear that Hart needs to step his shit up. Carter Hart is still a puppy in the league. He’s only 22-years-old. But that does not excuse him from his prolonged struggles in 2021. If anything, the Flyers should make Hart pay them back his 2021 salary just for pain and suffering. Either that or Hart should donate his salary to the poor fans of Philadelphia that sit there and watch Hart stink it up every time he steps on the ice.

We’ll see how Hart can handle the trials and tribulations of a borderline AHL-caliber performance this year after he gets benched for some time. Hopefully, he can make it out a better man and a better goalie. In the meantime, let’s see if Alex Lyon can rise to the occasion and make sure the Flyer’s don’t drop one to the team on a historic 17-game losing streak.