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The Carson Wentz Hate Has Officially Gone Too Far

Carson Wentz

Trevor Ruszkowski- USA Today Sports

Carson Wentz
The Carson Wentz hate has officially gone too far. The Colts are going to straight up cut Wentz? That’s bat shit crazy and makes no sense. (Trevor Ruszkowski- USA Today Sports)

The Carson Wentz Hate Has Officially Gone Too Far

It’s no longer a secret. The Colts hate Carson Wentz and have already made it pretty widely known that he won’t be returning to Indianapolis. Wentz has his warts and is far from perfect but the hatred has now officially gone too far. A lot of teams should be in a foot race to land Wentz this offseason.

The Colts are going to move on from Wentz. It’s basically been reported as fact now (Don’t click the link. It’s from The Athletic. He’s just the best source so I have to use it). It’s just a matter of if there is going to be a trade or straight up release.

I don’t care if this call is coming from Jim Irsay, Chris Ballard, and or Frank Reich. It’s the wrong call.

A: The Colts are not a destination

Who wants to go to Indianapolis? Guys like Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Deshaun Watson aren’t going to Indy. They have an impulsive owner, an overrated roster, and bad weapons. Oh, and Indy isn’t exactly LA in terms of glamour markets. I’m not in a rush to spend the rest of my career in Indianapolis. Not exactly the city where dreams are made.

B: Carson Wentz Is Good

We do realize that Carson Wentz had a 27-7 TD to INT ratio last year, right? We do get that Wentz had a passer rating of 95 last year which is pretty damn good.

Josh Allen is the most talented quarterback in the NFL in terms of pure naturally gifted talent. Wentz is top 5-10 in that discussion. He put up those numbers with garbage around him. Nobody wants TY Hilton or Jack Doyle. Get that shit out of my face.

What did Tom Brady look like going from bad wide receivers in New England to dominate ones in Tampa? You need horses on the outside in the new NFL. Indy has maybe one dude in Michael Pittman who’s okay. It’s not close to good enough.

C: The Replacement Won’t Be Better

Who do the Colts think they’re getting here? They already traded their first round pick for Wentz. Getting the guy you want in the draft feels unlikely unless you really overpay. Watson, Rodgers, and or Wilson don’t want to play for you.

Seriously… what’s the plan here? Sam Ehlinger? Tyrod Taylor? Teddy Bridgewater? Good luck bruh.

D: Goodbye Leverage

All quarterbacks have value. Even the ones that you really don’t like. Teddy Bridgewater has been traded twice for draft picks. Sam Bradford got traded for a lot. The Jets got a second round pick back for Sam Darnold. Even if you don’t like your guy, you really gotta screw this shit up to get nothing in return.

Word is already out there. The Colts are willing to cut Wentz if a trade doesn’t happen. Goodbye leverage. They’re really going to sit here and get nothing for a guy that would have won an MVP Award had it not been for injury. Sad. Dumb. Idiotic.

You can hate Carson Wentz all you want for reasons that will never make sense. He’s not untalented and can make big boy throws others can’t. The hate here makes no sense and Indianapolis feels kind of screwed with no leverage.

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