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Carson Wentz
(Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Why Carson Wentz Will Be A 2021 MVP Candidate

Carson Wentz
(Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Why Carson Wentz Will Be A 2021 MVP Candidate

All right, I get it. Carson Wentz looked horrendous in 2020 before losing his job to second-round pick Jalen Hurts. Wentz looked like anything but an MVP candidate, but his poor play was the result of outside factors that should not affect him now that he has been traded to the Colts. Firstly, Philadelphia’s choice to draft Jalen Hurts instead of continuing to build around Wentz did not help him build confidence, and Miles Sanders, along with most of Philly’s pass-catchers, was injured all year, leaving Wentz to throw to the likes of Greg Ward Jr and Travis Fulgham. Replace them with a healthy Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery, and Wentz has some healthy supporting pieces around him. Wentz was also hindered by the Eagles’ abysmal offensive line, which led to Wentz being the most-sacked QB in 2020.

Carson Wentz Will Finally Have The Help He Needs

Now, however, the excuses are gone. Wentz got the reset he wanted and moved to an emerging contender. The biggest factor, though, is his confidence. With all the drama surrounding his potential replacing gone, Wentz can go into the 2021 season confident. Trade rumors were a huge issue for Wentz in 2020, as he constantly dealt with clamorings for Hurts while having no one to help him win games on the field. Also, he will have a solid corps of receivers, including T.Y. Hilton and Michael Pittman Jr. The Colts’ offensive line is also among the best in the NFL, and they filled the hole at left tackle by signing Eric Fisher this offseason. Lastly, the emergence of Jonathan Taylor, along with the presence of stable pass-catching backs Nyheim Hines and Marlon Mack, will take pressure off of Wentz.

It also helps that Frank Reich, Wentz’s offensive coordinator in 2017, his best season as a pro, is his new head coach. The factors limiting Wentz are gone, and he has the supporting cast and coach he wants. In short, Wentz is due for a breakout season in 2021.

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