Bryson DeChambeau
(David J. Phillip/Associated Press)

Bryson DeChambeau Is A Bro’s Bro

Despite what some golf fans may say about Bryson DeChambeau and his analytical, nerdy, and sometimes pretentious golf philosophies, many fail to forget that he’s just a guy being a dude. In fact, if anyone on the internet had any creativity, they would start calling him ‘Bryson DeChambro’. But nobody comes to me for any of the answers.

Anyways, one of DeChambeau’s close friends posted a video this past Saturday evening of Bryson going complete hardo-mode at his home gym. The video features Bryson’s friends calling him in to do his set of leg extensions, which then prompts Bryson to come charging in with his U.S. Open trophy and just toss it to his friend like it’s a toy. He then proceeds to smash out a few reps for the TikTok video, flexing all over his haters/fans. The video literally looks like a video me and my friends might have made in high school thinking we were cool. Here, just take a look for yourself.

Why Bryson Is Such A Bro

As many casual fans know, Bryson DeChambeau is 6’1″ and he used to weigh roughly 190 pounds towards the end of the 2019 PGA Tour season. Then, in just a few short months, DeChambeau packed on about 40 pounds by the start of the PGA Tour, in Spring 2020. He now clocks in around 240 pounds. If there’s anything that typical bros try to do when they get into college, it’s definitely hitting the gym and attempting to pack on muscle.

DeChambeau decided to pack on all of that weight in order to gain an advantage over his fellow golfers on tour, and it has actually paid dividends for him. Yet despite all of his buttoned-up press conferences and obligation to keep the sport of golf classy, DeChambeau continues to pave the way in influencing a new generation of golfers that value the ‘long-ball’ more than ever.

Now, every 18-35-year-old you see on the golf course this summer will have overly-tight shirts on trying to swing out of their shoes just to think they can hit 320+ yard bombs off the tee. No bro, the cart girl doesn’t care you can hit the ball far. How about you try and learn to putt like Bryson instead?