Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why did it take me so long to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine? The show is amazing and if you haven’t watched it, this is your message to do so. (Image via NBC/

Why Did It Take Me So Long to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It’s Amazing

You may be thinking to yourself: “Wow, this is a totally different kind of post from Cervantes.” And you know what, you’d be right. I rarely write about pop culture, and when I do, it’s solely been about Hasbulla and Barstool Sports. However, Trey says that any chance you have to make content, you make it, so here’s my best shot at that with Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I just started watching this show and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s got that same stupid funny vibe that The Office and Parks and Recreation have, so I was instantly hooked. Jake Peralta is one of those characters that could be annoying to some people, but I loved Andy Samberg on SNL and he’s done a great job as Peralta in the opening ten episodes I’ve seen. Captain Holt may be my favorite character in the entire show regardless, though. His serious demeanor and sarcasm is hilarious. It’s a totally different vibe from an otherwise exceptionally quirky cast.

This show is just funny. It’s certainly got its fair share of heart warming moments and life lessons, but it does a great job of developing the very strange, albeit family-esque, relationships within the “99.” It’s also got an equivalent to Michael Scott’s “That’s what she said.” If you haven’t seen this show yet, this is your message to do so. It’s got the Alex Cervantes seal of approval, boom, title of your sex tape – you’ll get that reference if you watch the show.


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