Bradley Beal Trade
Bradley Beal is on the verge of requesting a trade and has made it clear he prefers the Celtics in an effort to team up with fellow St. Louis native Jayson Tatum. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)Getty Images

Bradley Beal Prefers To Be Traded To The Celtics

Bradley Beal appears to be on the verge of requesting a trade out of Washington DC. If Beal does find a way to become traded this offseason, it appears that he has a prefered landing spot. Beal would love to play with Jayson Tatum as the two are friends and both from the St. Louis area. Boy, what a spark a Beal trade would do for the Celtics!

Per Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer:

Beal does not have a proverbial list of preferred destinations, but it was mentioned by multiple sources that he would welcome joining teams such as Boston, Golden State, Miami or Philadelphia—although Beal requesting a trade would all but guarantee an expansive bidding war across the league.

Two thoughts:

A: This is why the Al Horford trade was so dumb. There was no rush to move Kemba Walker. Send Walker along with picks and other assets to Washington for Beal. Instead, you gave up the 16th pick in the draft for a worse asset in Horford. The trade makes zero sense. In fact, it may take Boston out of the sweepstakes. SOOOOOO DUMB.

B: This is a huge development for Boston. If Beal makes it clear he prefers the Celtics, it could be easier to trade for him. All Beal has to do is say I will not re-sign with any other team. Make it clear he wants to team up with Tatum. If you’re the Celtics, you move any piece not named Tatum or Brown to get this thing done.

Brad Stevens… you have one job. Get this thing done. You already blew the first trade you made. Prove you’re capable for this job.