Boston Scott
Boston Scott is more than a practice squad guy for the Philadelphia Eagles. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The end of the Philadelphia Eagles season can basically be summarized as next man up when the next man up was already dead. This gave opportunities to guys like Greg Ward and Boston Scott. Focusing more specifically on Scott, the Eagles need to treat him as more than just a practice squad guy heading into the 2020 season.

Boston Scott is GOOD! Every time I watch him, he plays well. If you just take away the stereo type of practice squad guy and remove it from memory, Boston Scott looks like a young Darren Sproles. It was cool to have Sproles mentor Scott during his final season in the NFL. That’s exactly what he looks like on the field. 5-foot-6 shifty back that is a nightmare in the open field.

Boston Scott might have the potential to be better than Sproles. He showed something that I’m not sure Sproles ever did. He ran tough between the tackles. Scott finished last season with 5 touchdowns and really took the goal line duty head on. He’s not just a gimmick guy. He can be a pure runner too.

Scott is also dangerous in the passing game. He had a 92.5 percent catch rate. He has sure hands. The former Louisianna Tech product is also a lightning bug. 8.5 yards per catch is also a really nice number. Line up in the slot or in the backfield, Scott can win his route.

I don’t care what the Eagles do this year, Scott has to be part of the equation. Miles Sanders, Scott, and whoever else you want. Scott has to be part of the rotation. Philadelphia is making a mistake if they’re not taking him seriously. It’s time for everyone to appreciate Boston Scott for more than just a replacement.