Matt Ryan
Should we bookmark Matt Ryan to San Francisco. Kyle Shanahan could be itching to find a way to reunite with Ryan. (Matt Kirkland/Getty Images)

Matt Ryan was never more successful than when he had Kyle Shanahan dialing up plays for him. If it weren’t for Dan Quinn being a terrible defensive coach, the Falcons win Super Bowl 51. Is it possible that the Ryan and Shanahan duo teams up in San Francisco?

Two things are true. Shanahan and the 49ers brass aren’t satisfied with Jimmy Garoppolo. The Falcons are winless and could quickly move on from Matt Ryan for a younger QB option. The 49ers seem like a perfect landing spot on the surface.

Now, I wouldn’t do the hypothetical swap of Jimmy G for Ryan. Trading a 28-year-old Garoppolo for a 35-year-old (and rapidly aging), Ryan doesn’t seem smart. However, I think Shanahan would gladly do it.

Ryan’s numbers are pretty much down across the board. He doesn’t look as spry and is starting to resemble statue Eli Manning in the pocket. Garoppolo has been bad in 2020 but isn’t healthy and is coming off a solid 2019 season.

One thing could potentially hold up a Ryan sighting in San Francisco; he carries a close to a $50 million dead cap charge for 2021. His contract is basically immovable.

There’s no incentive to move Ryan for Atlanta unless they get San Francisco to chip in enough draft picks to make it worth their while. A big-time hurdle but maybe not impossible. Furthermore, Ryan is controllable through 2023. There’s no rush to trade him. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have Ryan start in 2021 while he mentors the young quarterback they draft?

It just feels like more and more that Garoppolo needs to put his house up for sale. Could Matt Ryan be an option? Should we bookmark him there already? The safe bet is Ryan returns to Atlanta in 2021, but crazier things have happened.