Nick Chubb
Blind squirrel finds nut: PFF says Nick Chubb is the best running back in NFL. It’s time to give Chubb the respect he deserves. (Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

I find myself in a pickle here. Over the last few days, I have found myself defending Nick Chubb over the last few days. The constant disrespect of Nick Chubb has gone too far. It’s basically the same way I feel about Carson Wentz. If you think Wentz is a good quarterback, you’re on crack. He’s not good, Wentz is great. Nick Chubb isn’t just a good running back. He might be the best one out there.

Oddly enough, PFF wrote an article detailing why Chubb is the best running back in the NFL. Now this put me in a pickle because I’ve said a lot of bad things about PFF. All of which I’ve been proven right about. This time, the blind squirrel found the nut. Chubb is fucking awesome and there’s really no way to dispute it. He breaks more tackles than anybody and is the number one elusive back out there.

I don’t know who’s crazy enough to buy a subscription to PFF based on the content they put out but the free version cuts the article off at an interesting place. It basically talks about how Chubb is better than Saquon Barkley. Something I’ve said for a long time.

Saquon Barkley is a nice player. He’s a big version of Reggie Bush. My complaint with Barkley has been the same since he was at Penn State. He goes backwards too often. Yes, he will break that long run but give me the guy who doesn’t constantly pick up negative runs.

Chubb is just a different beast. Chubb was absolutely better than Todd Gurley as a true Freshman at Georgia and Gurley went on to be a top 10 pick the next year. The only reason Chubb doesn’t get more media hype is because he got hurt in college and it took him some time to get back to normal. If Chubb never gets hurt in college, he goes ahead of Barkley in the draft. No question in my mind.

I’ve heard Chad use this excuse and it’s weak sauce. Well, the Giants have a worst situation than the Browns! C’mon… I’m not saying the Giants situation is great but players go to Cleveland to die. Ask Odell Beckham who he would rather play for. Not one player performed well under Freddie Kitchens last year. Oh, I lied, just Nick Chubb did.

Chubb ran for close to 1,500 yards last year at 5 yards per carry. Oh, and he did it with the 23rd ranked offensive line. The Giants offensive line was actually higher on the rankings.

The media is very biased and nobody actually watches the games. It’s a sad world we live in. Nick Chubb is the best player on the Browns offense and he very well might be the best running back in the NFL. The fact that a majority of people think Barkley is better is just laughable. Join me and the community of people that actually watch the games. Vote for Chubb and be on the right side of this debate.