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Big Boys Club

(Foxsports via @NFLonFox on Twitter)

Big Boys Club: Offensive Linemen Draft Academy

The Big Boys Club
(Foxsports via @NFLonFox on Twitter)

Do you remember Gruden’s QB Camp? Those were fun to watch and I’m that it’s gone. However, Geoff Schwartz and Duke Manyweather may have answered my prayers in the best way possible. The Big Boys Club is a similar type of show, except it’s centered (pun somewhat intended) around offensive linemen. The offensive linemen draft academy will be airing on FS1 and videos will be available on (Thank you Geoff for responding to my Instagram comment).

As said by Schwartz himself, this is a series dedicated to offensive linemen made by offensive linemen. As an offensive lineman, I can’t wait to watch it! All football fans should watch this since I am convinced that the position people know the least about is the offensive line. You don’t typically hear random people watching football say, “Dude did you see that guy’s kick step?? It was incredible!” That’s the nature of the position, but it’s about time offensive linemen got more shine!

Offensive linemen typically get crapped on the most and praised the least. One thing that grinds my gears is “sacks allowed” blaming offensive linemen. News flash, sacks cannot always be put on the offensive linemen and it’s horse mess that they always get blamed if they have a “sack allowed.”

Watching offensive line tape can be one of the more difficult things to evaluate. Different coaches have different ways of teaching how to block certain plays. Then you have to take into account what type of play it is, what type of protection the line might be in, and many other factors that we simply do not know at home. Now, with Schwartz sitting down with these players and watching tape with them, I might be able to get a factual answer about whether the way someone blocks is because that’s how their coach teaches it or if it’s just what they do.

The first episode of the Big Boys Club premieres on Tuesday April 7th, and there is a 100% chance I will be watching. This not only allows fans to learn more about the big boys who keep our favourite quarterbacks healthy, but also an opportunity for current offensive linemen to learn from young men about to become pro players. You needed this show, you just never knew it.

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