Ben Simmons
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Ben Simmons To Change Shooting Hands?

The Philadelphia 76ers lost in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals to the Atlanta Hawks, and social media was quick to place a lot of the blame on Ben Simmons and his poor shooting performance in the playoffs. We at Vendetta Sports Media think it’s time to pull the trigger on a trade. Head Coach Doc Rivers has a different idea. His plan is a unique one at that: Change up his shooting hand. When speaking to the media, he mentioned fixing Simmons’ shooting and his lack of confidence.

Full quote from NBCSports:

I know exactly what we want to do,” Rivers said. “I’m positive in Ben. I’m very bullish on Ben still, but there’s work. There is. And Ben will be willing to do it, and that’s the key. Sometimes you have to go through stuff to see it and be honest with it. Obviously what Ben just went through, I can’t imagine that, because he has so much greatness around him in all the things that he does.

“And there’s areas that he can fix quickly, in my opinion, and get better, and that will get him to another level. Sometimes you don’t know why you’re in different places. You know what I mean? But this may be one of them. I look at this as a great challenge, but definitely a doable one.

Take a look at the tweet above. The evidence shows that Ben Simmons might just be more comfortable shooting with his right hand. He said it himself that he feels he was supposed to be right-handed. Why he decided to go lefty is left to be seen. Maybe Doc Rivers and the 76ers are on to something?

There will be a lot to talk about with this 76ers squad and the future of the organization with Ben Simmons, and this will definitely be a talking point going forward. If they do manage to switch his shooting hand and he finds a good shooting form, they will be praised as geniuses. But if this experiment does not pan out, they will be left with a mess on their hands.

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