Ben Roethlisberger begins his search for a 3rd championship ring (Joe Mahoney/Associated Press)

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger isn’t denying that the playoffs are a different atmosphere. (Falcons QB Matt Ryan took a different route in responding to a similar question) Big Ben will be playing in his 18th postseason game and will tell you the playoffs are simply a different animal.

“If you are not excited to be in the playoffs, something is wrong with you,” said Roethlisberger via “You still have to take the same approach. Today is Wednesday, let’s go about our business. I think just the attention to detail has to be a little more intense.

“You have to go about your business as usual, but you have to understand there is a sense of urgency, attention to detail, mistakes are magnified this week. It’s a little of both.

“You are excited, you do have jitters. There are only so many teams playing. A lot of teams have already gone home. I have been doing this for a while. Just keep eye on the younger guys and make sure they don’t get too excited.”

Luckily for the Steelers, they are playing their best football at the right time winning 7 straight games. The Steelers will play the Dolphins in the first round of the playoffs. Pittsburgh is currently 10 point favorites over Miami despite losing to them earlier this season. One reason is because betting against Big Ben in this type of atmosphere simply isn’t very smart. Pittsburgh is just 1-4 in the past 5 playoff games as Roethlisberger hopes to make 2017 a lengthy postseason trip in his quest for a 3rd ring.