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Barstool Sports Baseball
2015 Cy Young Award Winner and newest Barstool Sports Personality Jake Arrieta. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Barstool Sports Bring Baseball Content Back with Big-Time Hire

Barstool Sports Baseball
2015 Cy Young Award Winner and newest Barstool Sports Personality Jake Arrieta. AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Baseball is Back at Barstool Sports

Earlier Today, Barstool Sports revealed a new baseball podcast that would be headlined by Starting 9 host Barstool Carl, and the addition of a new guest. 2015 Cy-Young Award Winner and World Series Champion Jake Arrieta will be joining Carl following his retirement from Major League Baseball just weeks ago.

This comes following the departure of long-time baseball personality Jared Carrabis. Carrabis recently moved over to Draftkings after his contract expired with Barstool Sports. Arrieta is best known for his ridiculous 2015 campaign, in which he pitched to a 0.75 era in the second half of the season, and ended up being good for a 1.77 on the season, the best of any Cubs pitcher since 1919. The tandem will release episodes every Monday and Thursday.

Barstool Makes Necessary, but Great Move

This is a home-run hire for Barstool sports, and you have to be estactic if you were an avid Starting 9 listener when Carrabis and Dallas Braden ran it. Jared really became more and more vocal on twitter over the years. Developing not only a large following but a large community of baseball fans as well. When he left, all baseball content at Barstool took a significant step back. As Trey mentioned in an earlier article, Carrabis was their baseball guy. While there may be some other intriguing baseball content among the company, no one had the power and pull that Jared had while he was there, and the company knew it was going to take a huge hire to replace that.

Carl Discusses the Big Addition

Earlier today, Carl published a blog discussing the hire and answering some questions surrounding the layout, and development of the new podcast.

We’re still figuring out the mechanics but it’s shaping up to be an MLB recap/around the league show on Tuesday with a heavy interview show on Thursday. He’s not moving to Chicago and I’m not moving to Austin (…) so this will look and feel a lot like the Dave Portnoy Show.

Carl, in his blog published earlier today.

The two plan to interview retired players rather than current players. A shift from Starting 9 that typically interviewed the most popular players currently in the league. The belief from Starting 9 is that guys with “more mileage” in their career have more to say, and will contribute more to these sit-down interviews that will be taking place. As for actually landing Jake Arrietta, Carl said all it took was a simple conversation:

I asked him. That’s the simplest answer to a simple question. We talked at the right time when Barstool had no baseball coverage and I was looking for a new challenge which is such a hardo thing to say but it’s true. If you’re going to be worth a shit at this job/company/industry then you have to be moving upwards and onwards at all times, constantly thinking about the next step.

Carl, in the same aforementioned article.

The full blog from Carl can be read here, which may answer any other questions you have. I think this hire as a whole is great for Barstool. They really saw a decline in baseball content with the departure of Carrabis. This allows them to get back in a market that is currently being dominated by other personalities.


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