Barry Trotz
Barry Trotz accuses Patrice Bergeron of cheating. Are the Islanders worried about the Bruins kicking their ass? (Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke)

Barry Trotz Accuses Patrice Bergeron Of Cheating

The Hobbit is nervous. The Islanders and Bruins are set to square off in game 5 with the series tied 2-2. Isles head coach Barry Trotz is going with an interesting strategy prior to the pivotal playoff game. Is Patrice Bergeron a cheater? Old man Trotz thinks so.

“I think Bergy’s been a really good faceoff guy, one of the best. I think (Islanders centers Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Travis Zajac, Brock Nelson), they all study what he does. The biggest thing with Bergy, and really linesmen can control this, is he doesn’t like to get his stick down. He has to come to a stop, and then you have a fair fight.

“He’s a veteran guy who knows how to cheat on the faceoffs. I’m relying on our very capable officiating crew and linesmen to make sure the cheating doesn’t go on, because he’s good at it. All the veteran guys are. He’s not the only one, trust me. But he’s very good, he’s very capable, and he’s been a top centerman and faceoff guy for a long time.”

Big time cry baby move if you ask me.

A: If you’re not cheating, are you really trying?

B: Patrice Bergeron is the best face off man in the NHL. You don’t have to cry about it. It’s just a fact. The Bruins center iceman led the NHL in face off win percentage with a mark of 62.2%. He was miles better than everyone else.

C: Bergeron was named a Selke finalist for the 10th straight season. Maybe the guy’s just really good?

The karma is officially on the side of the Bruins. There’s a point fest coming for Bergy. Take it to the bank.