Baltimore Ravens
The Baltimore Ravens love broken quarterbacks more than Baltimore natives like crab cakes. Is there anything to look forward to heading into 2019 NFL training camp? (Gail Burton/Washington Post)

The Baltimore Ravens are about to go from the penthouse to homeless. Slowly but surely, this once proud franchise is turning into a flat out joke. Despite winning the division just a one ago, the Ravens are set up for a big step back. Baltimore lost multiple key starters on defense and have an unsustainable offense with Lamar Jackson. Even John Harbaugh doesn’t believe in this team. Get ready for hell, Ravens fans. Well, let’s take a look at the official Ravens 2019-2020 training camp preview.

3 Training Camp Battles To Watch

Tight End: Mark Andrews, Hayden Hurst, Nick Boyle

The Ravens have a lot of tight ends and they all have defined roles. Mark Andrews had a really good rookie year and actually outproduced Hayden Hurst. The Hayden Hurt pick never made any sense. He better start living up to that first round status. Baltimore committed $18 million to Boyle who is a pure blocking tight end. Do the Ravens really want him just blocking for that kind of money?

Middle Linebacker: Patrick Onwuasor, Kenny Young

The Baltimore Ravens might have the worst middle linebacking group in the NFL. Those names that are listed above are really the only players who even fit the position. It’s awful. Baltimore not only lost CJ Mosley in free agency, they also failed to replace him. They didn’t even try to replace him. When this Ravens defense goes down the toilet, this is the number one reason why.

Pass Rusher: Tim Williams, Jaylon Ferguson, Matt Judon, Tyus Bowser

The Ravens have whiffed on pass rusher in recent years. Now Terrell Suggs is gone who has been the franchise savior for so long. Tim Williams hasn’t done a damn thing so far. Neither has Tyus Bowser. Matt Judon is really the only productive player they have. Ferguson has notched 15 sacks the past 2 years. Jaylon Ferguson has a lot of pressure to produce right away as a rookie. Judon can’t do it by himself.

Ready To Breakout: Orlando Brown

We should have known Orlando Brown was going to be a solid pro. His bad combine shouldn’t have impacted his draft stock despite how awful it was. Brown stepped right in and should be the Ravens right tackle for the next 10 years. Brown has incredible size just like his dad who was also a great Raven. PFF ranked Brown as the 47th best tackle in the NFL last year as a rookie and improved leaps and bounds later in the season. Heading into year two, I think Brown establishes himself as a very productive starter.

Rookie To Watch: Trace McSorley

Everybody wants their version of Taysom Hill. The Ravens think they have one with Trace McSorley. The problem is I don’t trust them to develop him. I already saw this song and dance with Keenan Reynolds. Not like I believe in McSorley either. This is just me selfishly laughing at how embarrassing this team is. What I do know is McSorley can’t throw. The Ravens love broken quarterbacks who can’t throw. McSorley is now the third one on the roster. It’s becoming their brand.

Fantasy Sleeper: Gus Edwards

I didn’t like the Mark Ingram trade for one reason. I honestly believe that Gus Edwards is already better than him. Ingram has a lot of tread on the tires. Edwards was quietly a superstar running back as an undrafted rookie. In 137 attempts, Edwards averaged 5.2 yards per attempt. I think he deserves a bigger opportunity despite the crowded backfield. Will it happen? I’m not sure, but it should.