Axis Football
The Axis Football team is made up of brain dead idiots. Axis Football would rather die than receive free help. Can’t make it up. (Axis Football)

The Axis Football Team Is Made Up Of Brain Dead Idiots

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him or her drink it. That statement is the epitome of the Axis Football team. If you don’t know what Axis football is, you’re not alone. Nobody knows who they are. Hell, I didn’t know who they were up until last week.

The Max Football team has shown they would rather die a slow painful death than work with us. Not even that, they would rather suffer a slow and painful death and just not do anything since the announcement has come that NCAA Football was returning.

Now, maybe Max Football thinks they’re above us. They’re not but Doug Flutie’s name being attached to the product does give them some credibility. Only an absolute moron would turn down the deal I offered Max Football, but it’s whatever. Their loss in the end.

Thanks to the suggestion of our guy Bryan Tann, I reached out to Axis Football. Didn’t have a clue who they were prior to when Bryan told me about them. For those who don’t know, think poor man version of Max Football.

I reached out to the Axis Football team and said screw it. I’ll offer them the same exact deal I offered Max Football. You guys can have the silver platter for almost nothing. Free advertising on the site, free ad reads on podcasts, and access to any of the Vendetta personalities to add a presentation element to the game. All I want in return was in game branding.

I was getting SCREWED but didn’t care. I just wanted to see these guys flourish. Especially because I’m vindictive and if there is a way to stick it to Max Football, I’m going to do it. Only an absolute fool would turn this down. I’ll use the same analogy I did in the prior post. It would be like walking into a strip club, dropping a few grand on the floor, and then walking home. Instead of taking the money, the bouncer inside the club came outside and gave it back. That’s how dumb these people are.

Keep in mind, you would think that a company like Axis Football is basically Blockbuster in this scenario would be desperate to stay afloat. I came to these people with a golden ticket. Instead, after I reached out, I was met with disrespect and a slap in the face.

After showing Axis Football our YouTube video of Jackson’s Max Football series, the response I got back was: “4,000 views to them simply might not seem like a lot” “I wouldn’t take it personally”

Dude… I take everything personally and now I’m about to tear you to shreds. You guys have been sent the golden ticket. We’re also talking about ONE video. Thousands upon thousands of eye balls and access to our personalities to create presentation… for free. These companies have the audacity to essentially say, no we would rather die.

Side Note: Who are you to be in a position where you’re like “nah we don’t want free publicity”

I’m a stubborn SOB but it takes a special kind of stupid to turn down free help. Now I just want to see them all burn to the ground. RIP Max Football. RIP Axis Football. When your companies burn to the ground when the EA Sports NCAA Football game comes back, don’t come crying to me. The only one celebrating today is EA Sports. A main stream company that gets to watch independent gaming companies die from stupidity. Can’t make it up.

Side Note: Bryan and I discussed this to a greater extent on the most recent episode of That’s Some Cheese.