Fantasy Football
Are you soft if you play in a one quarterback fantasy football league? Yes. End of blog.

Are You Soft If You Play In A One Quarterback Fantasy Football League?


I could end the blog right there in reality. Now that the fantasy football season is vastly approaching, it’s never too early to remind you that you probably play in a candyass league. If you consider yourself a real pro at fantasy football, stop playing in a one quarterback league, or I can’t take you seriously.

You know exactly who you are. Guy who plays in a snake draft and waits around for a quarterback because his cookie cutter league doesn’t require you to start more than one. Sad. See yourself out. Pathetic. Do better.

Real men play in two quarterback leagues. It actually requires thought. Better get two studs. Better maybe even get three or four to cheese the other teams in the league. Strategy and thought process. Something the snake draft people don’t have.

For people just getting into football or that don’t take fantasy football seriously, do your thing. If it’s just all fun and games and you maybe even don’t watch football, do your thing. However, if your a real fantasy player, you should be embarrassed by playing in a one QB league. What that tells me is you’re league isn’t smart enough to evaluate 60 percent of the quarterbacks in the league. SAD.

I won this league for the record too ^. I just had to post this here.

It’s bad enough that you’re outside the box if you do auction drafts. Forget about those losers. When it comes to two quarterback leagues, there shouldn’t even be a discussion. Are you a real player or not? Put your stones on the table. Make the most important position in football the same way in fantasy. Do better.