Antonio Gibson
The Antonio Gibson fantasy hype train is OUT OF CONTROL. I don’t understand how people have talk themselves into Gibson being a rockstar. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The fantasy lunatics are out of control. After Adrian Peterson was released, the Antonio Gibson hype train has gone off the rails. Not just a little bit, more like Stephan A loving Aaron Rodgers hype level.

Pro Football Focus has Gibson as RB 20!?!

Matthew Berry at ESPN has Gibson as RB 26.

First of all, I don’t think Gibson is even the best running back on his team. Here is what I have been lead to believe by the so-called fantasy experts. Experts have led people to think that a running back who had 33 career carries at Memphis is somehow better than a running back who was a Heisman finalist in 2017 (Bryce Love). In what world does that make sense?

Look, I don’t know if Bryce Love is healthy. That’s a fair argument. However, if Love is ready to go, he’s THE guy. It’s not close. Love was a first-round talent. Gibson is a gadget guy you take in the fifth-round and try to mix in trick plays. What are we doing here?

Bryce Love rushed for 2,118 yards as a Junior at Stanford. Antonio Gibson has 369 career rushing yards. Hey, run to your draft and take Gibson. Go for it, please. Just know that you’re doing so while passing on the more talented player on his team.

The second point here is something people have just forgotten. Antonio Gibson plays for Washington. Have the Gibson advocates somehow removed that from their minds?

I believe Dwayne Haskins has gotten a bad rap. Do you want to talk about an unfair shake? Haskins didn’t have a fighting chance last year. I think he can be better this year. Regardless, it’s Washington. There’s no reliable tight end, no secondary wide receiver, and an offense that averaged 16.6 points per game last year.

Somehow people have talked themselves into a running back with no college production, in a lousy offense, on a team that doesn’t have a team name. What are we doing here? The Antonio Gibson hype train has gone WAY too far.