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Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown’s resurgence as a top receiver in the league has come (Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

Antonio Brown Power Rankings: All The Crazy Crap He’s Done

Antonio Brown
(Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

Antonio Brown Power Rankings: All The Crazy Crap He’s Done

Antonio Brown has been turning into quite the headcase and a big-time headache over the past three to four years. He’s done some absolutely wild things, and most notably striping then storming off the field against the New York Jets. Stadium security thought he was a streaker! So it’s time to rank some of the most notable Antonio Brown shenanigans based on how crazy and abnormal they are.

7. Benched With Steelers

Time to start small. This happened in the 2018 season, where Antonio Brown missed practice with “a knee injury” and didn’t play in the Steelers’ season final because of “a knee injury.” Well, it was not a knee injury, Brown actually got mad about Juju Smith-Schuster winning team MVP and threw a football at quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and Brown was benched as a result.

6. Facebook Live

After the Steelers made the AFC Championship game in 2017, Antonio Brown violated team and personal privacy by going live on Facebook while Tomlin was giving a post-game speech. One of the worst parts about this is that Tomlin said “be cool on social media.” I guess Brown never got the memo, and the Steelers would get beat 36-17 in the AFC Championship game.

5. Frozen Feet

Antonio Brown got traded to the then Oakland Raiders and managed to freeze his feet off and said “I got circumcised on my feet,” at some point about the situation. How did he do this? Brown entered a cryotherapy machine without proper footwear. For those who don’t know, cryotherapy used extreme cold to treat injuries.

4. Helmet Hell

Oh, you thought the Raiders would only have one issue with Antonio Brown in an offseason? Oh boy, you were mistaken! After the feet issue and when Brown could return to practice, he wanted to wear a specific helmet that the NFL outdated. The things to come from this were wild. Brown threatened to retire, he filed grievances and even spray painted his old helmet to try and sneak by with it. Brown eventually chose a new helmet, but he was cut by the Raiders after releasing some type of video with what seemed to be a recorded voicemail or phone call from then-head coach Jon Gruden, the Raiders would later cut Antonio Brown.

3. Legal Issues While With New England

Brown ended up with the Patriots after getting cut by the Raiders, and that lasted all of one game. Brown was accused of sexual assault and had a lawsuit filed against him. Brown then handled it terribly by sending threatening text messages to his accuser. This led to Brown being cut by the Patriots, and after an NFL investigation, he was suspended for eight games. There was also an issue of throwing things off a balcony which almost hit and could’ve killed a young child, among other incidents.

2. Fake Vaccination Card

Antonio Brown paid for and used a fake vaccination card in the 2021 NFL season. He lied to the league and Buccaneers about his status, and was suspended for it. The wild part about this is how it happened, through an ex-chef who Brown seemingly has still not paid. It was an ex-chef who came out about Brown’s fake card, AND HE WAS RIGHT. The wildest part about it is that this whole story seemed believable and WAS CORRECT. I’m at a loss for words, I thought Brown couldn’t top this and he did.

1. Strips And Walks Off Field Against The Jets

In Antonio Brown’s second game back from his suspension for the fake vaccination card, he got pissed off, took his equipment off, threw it in the stands, did jumping jacks shirtless in the endzone, AND LEFT THE FIELD. I’m at a loss for words, but Bruce Arians wasn’t. He said that Brown is no longer a Buccaneer, which surprises absolutely no one. This takes the cake.

These incidents were ranked based on how wild and out there they are. It’s incredible that Antonio Brown did enough things for a list like this to exist! It’s honestly impressive.


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