Amon-Ra St. Brown
Amon-Ra St. Brown has a star studded recruiting background but didn’t always play like one at USC. Let’s check out his 2021 NFL Draft profile. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Amon-Ra St. Brown 2021 NFL Draft Profile

Amon-Ra St. Brown is another high profile name is a loaded wide receiver class heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. St. Brown was a big part of the offense at USC for the last three years. How does his game actually translate to the NFL? Let’s review the Amon-Ra St. Brown 2021 NFL Draft profile.

Amon-Ra St. Brown was a mega recruit coming out of California in the 2018 class. St. Brown was ranked as the second best wide receiver and the 11th best recruit in the country. St. Brown’s brother Equanimeous plays for the Packers. His other brother Osiris, is a receiver at Stanford. His father is a famous bodybuilder. The athletic profile in theory should be there.

The reality is, what should be positives really aren’t. St. Brown didn’t look or produce like a top recruit at USC. His brother Equanimeous is a nobody with the Packers. His athletic traits aren’t overwhelming either. Frankly, I’m not super high on St. Brown. What reason is there to be?

His best season came in 2019 where St. Brown recorded 77 receptions for 1,042 yards and seven touchdowns. In 2020 (six games) St. Brown notched a pedestrian 41 catches for 478 yards and seven touchdowns. I’m not the biggest Kedon Slovis fan but he at least had competent quarterback play. At least for the college level.

I feel like there are a number of red flags here with St. Brown. He’s really good at high pointing the ball. However, he’s not physically strong at the catch point. His strength feels like it will be whipped out against better corners at the NFL level. At 5-foot-11, 197, St. Brown isn’t the biggest target in the world either.

The 4.51 – 40 time is fine but it’s not earth shattering either. In fact, it could actually raise another red flag because some of these pro day times have been butchered. In reality, St. Brown could easily be a 4.6 guy. He looks one on tape. St. Brown tracks the ball really well and can get up there when needed. What does it matter? Those same guys he ran away from in the Pac12 isn’t going to fly anymore.

The most concerning part of St. Brown’s game is his short area quickness. Often times it looks like someone attached bubble gum to the bottom of his shoes. His knee bend sucks. The route tree is far from ideal. None of routes are ever crisp and he creates very little separation. I worry about him getting dogged in press too. Part of it his first step quickness is not there. Other part of it is he’s not a super strong physical force either.

I have Amon-Ra St. Brown ranked inside my top 10 wide receivers for the 2021 NFL Draft. BUT… I don’t feel good about it. Truthfully, the only thing holding his spot is there is some JuJu Smith-Schuster vibes here. I wasn’t high on Smith-Schuster either but as a former high recruit, he’d be able to find his niche despite obvious concerns. It’s hard not to be worried about St. Brown entering the league.

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